Friday, March 03, 2006

Another Cissy Colpitts Pic!

It's been like an obstacle course trying to get here today!
Now here we are and I have lots of keen and groovy things of which to blog and I find myself so tired that I can't put together the brain cells necessary to do it! Thus, since the number one keyword search term used to find my blog recently has been "Cisse Cameron," whom we discussed previously at, I'm offering my third autographed picture of the former Cissy Colpitts. The talented but largely unknown co-star of BILLY JACK, PORKYS II, THE PRIZE FIGHTER and the dreadful (but cultish!) SPACE MUTINY sent me these pics when she had just finished a very promising co-starring role under the Colpitts name on THE TED KNIGHT SHOW. I wonder if she knows how popular she seems to be on the net!

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