Monday, March 13, 2006


Morning (or Afternoon, depending on when you drop by). I've been doing a little tweaking the past few days and I think everything is finally worked out. We already mentioned the Donations box. If you like what you see here, please feel free to leave a PayPal tip to help with expenses. Now, we've added a Search This Blog feature in association with Technorati. Be specific in what you're searching for, though as a quick search for "Cisse" found nothing despite my two Cisse Cameron/Cissy Colpitts posts but my search for "Great Gildersleeve" brought 4 hits from my site. That's two more than I would have expected! Also, there's a "Sites That Link to This Blog" which is fun for me, too! Thanks to everyone for all of the great comments and emails! Coming up along with the usual comics, TV and movie stuff we have a lot of Old Time Radio stuff as the Cincinnati Convention (and the hopeful release of my much-delayed first short story!) approaches in April. Also, a few delayed book reviews and I've found a whole new box in my archives that hasn't been opened in years! Keep reading!

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