Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Partridge Family Club

Okay, here's one club I somehow resisted. I loved THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY. I bought the singles, the albums, the Official Magazine and I spent most Friday evenings at my sixth grade girlfriend Debbie's house watching the show. Debbie was really into the fact that I loved the same stuff she did (I was such a player when I was ten years old!). I had a crush on Shirley Jones as opposed to Susan Dey (Hey, when I was younger I liked older women) and I genuinely enjoyed David's singing. I still think Danny Bonaduce was one of the most underrated child stars of them all and I wish him well with his adult issues, bless him! This colorful ad comes from the 1971 issue of TIGER BEAT's OFFICIAL PARTRIDGE FAMILY MAGAZINE seen of only two issues still in my collection (but I still have the albums!). How big was David Cassidy in 1970-71? Zoom in on this TIGER BEAT back issue ad and you'll see that Bobby Sherman's picture is bigger on the earlier issues with a considerable amount of appearances by the recently deceased Jack Wild. David's picture starts small, eventually matches Bobby's in size, then towers over him on the remaining covers. Soon after, with no show and declining record success, David knocked Bobby off the covers all together.

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  1. I remember when my MOm and I bumbed in to your Mom and Dad at Twin Fair in Covington. I was looking at a Partridge family record and your Mom said oh stevie likes the partridge family too.