Monday, April 30, 2012


The winner of our contest to win a free copy of Craig Yoe's FRAZETTA-FUNNY STUFF is Michael Draine! Yaaaay! Congrats, Michael! Your book will go out later this week as soon as my bank account has money for postage in it!

Thanks to all those who entered. Make sure you order your own copies of this fun book now from the link below!

Keep watching for our next contest!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Captain Midnight Comes to Comics

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash page Saturdays # 61

Talk about good news and bad news. The good news is that creator Bill Everett is back...for the cover and exactly four pages. This being the May, 1973 issue and Everett having died at the end of February, these were the last pages we would get from him.

His last panel shows Betty Dean and Namorita, still as cute and unique looking as ever. The top of the next page is by Jim Mooney (credited as being over Win Mortimer pencils) and Nita suddenly looks older, taller and pretty much like SPIDER-MAN's Gwen Stacy. Sigh...

But back to this splash. It's a good one. Once again, Everett knows how to frame the image properly. In spite of the wimpy looking title lettering and the weird Jester, Prince Namor looks quite regal in his last go-round from the man who gave him life. R.I.P. Bill Everett...and thanks!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Barnaby Vol. 1-Coming Soon

I'm on record as saying BARNABY is one of my all-time favorite comic strips. After nearly 30 years since the last attempt, Fantagraphics will start reprinting them again this Fall in what seems a much better format than the previous mass market books. If I can afford one thing for this next Christmas, this will be it.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

***Please Support The Kickstarter 1976 Project***

Well here we go. Fans have been requesting (and in a few cases demanding!) a collected book version of my high school journal blog. As of today, it's a live Kickstarter project. The goal is to raise the money to self-publish A GEEK'S JOURNAL--THE BOOK OF THE BLOG in an expanded version. The book will offer more annotation and historical perspectives and as many of the original photos and illustrations as we can legally arrange, all done up in a facsimile journal cover with my geeky senior picture on the front cover (and my still geeky SENIOR picture on the back).

Having always wanted to be a writer, I kept my first journal in 1974 , skipped '75 for reasons I forget, then returned to it in the Bicentennial year of 1976. When I found the journal again a couple of years back, I didn't find it all that interesting. I did, however, feel that much of it read like one of my blogs. I got the idea to actually start a blog reprinting the journal. I thought maybe 3-4 people might read it on a regular basis.

A few days after it started, someone at AOL added a piece on my blog to their front page, complete with the high school picture that my mother never liked. The next day, a few other sites wrote me up including one in Germany. In time, at least 5 other countries published that photo and wrote about my blog in languages I couldn't even understand! When BOING-BOING wrote about me in mid-year, I ended up with six times my regular average monthly readers!

I got comments and a ton of emails--more emails than I've ever received for any other blog, in fact. All of them talking about how they could relate, how they thought THEY were the only ones who thought some of those thoughts or watched some of those TV shows or sat alone wondering if they'd ever have a date. Here I had been in 1976 feeling so alone, not realizing that it was a shared experience. So many others--male and female--were feeling just like me! Who knew?

I've been called brave and courageous for sharing my secret thoughts from 36 years back but it's like I was writing about someone else. I was ashamed then that I masturbated, for example, and constantly schemed to find a way to stop...not considering for a second that probably everyone in school was doing it, too. When I watched a TV special, there were only three networks then. Odds are many folks I knew saw it, also. So many things I never realized we all shared as a common experience.

When the blog ended, I went on, after requests, to do my prequel 1974 blog. But I like the '76 one better quite frankly. And not a week has gone by that I haven't had emails or comments asking why there's no book yet.

Now's your chance to help rectify that. KICKSTARTER is a site that helps raise funds for creative projects. We have 45 days starting now to raise $12, 000 to fund A GEEK'S JOURNAL 1976--THE BOOK OF THE BLOG. If we succeed, wok begins in earnest by August with a goal of having the book released at an affordable price early in 2013.

The way KICKSTARTER works is that if you make your goal--or more--you get the funding. If you're short, however, you get not a dime. If that happens, no book. It's up to you now. We got our first backer twenty minutes after we went live this afternoon. Every dollar counts. While we hope for some larger contributions along the way, it will be the smaller contributions that make the difference.

If you're one of those who has enjoyed revisiting 1976 with me, I hope you'll consider a contribution. If you aren't in a position to do so and still want to help, please talk up the project on your blogs, your Twitter and Facebook accounts and in any forums where you think it might help. It's day one and we're off to a good start. I'd appreciate your support! Thanx!


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

***WIN*** A Free Copy of Frazetta- Funny Stuff by Craig Yoe

Thanks to Craig Yoe and IDW I find myself with an extra copy of Yoe Books' just out today FRAZETTA-FUNNY STUFF, a thick, hardcover, full color collection of funny animal and other humor tales and illustrations by the man acknowledged as the master fantasy artist of the late twentieth century. With a strong biographical piece by Yoe, illustrated with more rare art, as well as a truly bizarre introduction by animator Ralph Bakshi, this book is a fifty dollar value that can be yours for free--no purchase necessary! 

All you have to do to be eligible is to read and comment on any one post on any one of my eleven blogs! It can be a current post or one from 2006. Doesn't matter. You read, leave a comment and include the word "FRITZ" (how Frank signed his name in many of these early stories) and your email address and you'll be entered to win! Entries will be gathered from all the email notifications I get over the next few days until Sunday evening and the winner of the FRAZETTA-FUNNY STUFF book will be contacted next Monday, the 30th of April, and announced and mailed out later in the week. Multiple comments get you multiple entries (with a limit of 4). 
As with all Yoe Books, this is one impressively designed volume. I particularly like the barcode on the back cover! I did some behind the scenes research for this one and later proofread it so I'm not going to offer an actual review except to say that if you're a fan of Frank Frazetta, there's some surprisingly good stuff here that you've most likely never seen before. If you don't win the book, buy the book. It's worth the price. 

Official Press Release
Frank Frazetta has been called "The Grand Master of Fantasy Art," but did you know he did a glorious omnibus' worth of funny sexy and funny cute stories in the Golden Age of comic books?! That's right, hillbilly babes to hoppy bunnies were drawn with the Frazetta magic. And Eisner-winning editor Craig Yoe captures that magic in the new FRAZETTA—FUNNY STUFF large format, full-color, 256-page hardcover collection from Yoe Books. FRAZETTA—FUNNY STUFF debuts at the MoCCA Fest in New York City this weekend and will be in comic book shops this week.
Yoe says, "Besides the amazing art itself, Frazetta fans will be stoked by the sheer quantity in this big thick book. There are 27 comic book stories, well over 200 of The Master's delightful text illustrations, and tons of rare and unpublished original art, illustrations and photos carefully reproduced in the introduction." 
Frazetta's "Fire and Ice" collaborator Ralph Bakshi provides a compelling freeform, stream of consciousness introduction that you have to read to believe. Dig the beatnik beats of this hep cat sharing his story of working with THE MAN. Only Craig Yoe can conjure up such wild and unexpected material!
"The team at Yoe Books put countless hours in restoring these charming strips to ensure a proper vintage reading experience," said IDW Senior Book Editor, Justin Eisinger. "Like each and every Yoe Book, FRAZETTA—FUNNY STUFF is a lovingly created artifact that itself is a piece of art."
But don't just take our word for the glory of this vintage Frazetta. Here's what some fine, respectable folks have to say about the man and his funny work.
"Frank Frazetta... his comic book output was unforgettable!" —Harvey Kurtzman
"You don't have a full picture of Frank Frazetta until you've seen his funny stuff. It was his own favorite work, as it captured an important aspect of Frank that his sword and sorcery paintings did not—his warm sense of humor." —William Stout
Why stop there?! Even the great talent himself was known to claim that the funny side was the real Frazetta.
"I do reveal that dark side in some of my work. I am known for my violent stuff. But the funny stuff is the real me." —Frank Frazetta
Pappy's Golden Age Blogzine says that FRAZETTA—FUNNY STUFF is "a long overdue compilation! The book is beautifully produced. I love the over-sized pages, and especially the enlarged spot illustrations. As always, Craig's books are impeccably designed and printed. Permanent binding, thick quality paper to ensure the best reproduction possible. You will never go wrong buying a book with the Yoe Books imprint."
Keep an eye out for the limited edition as well. A hot ticket item at 100 copies, it features a bookplate signed by Yoe as well as a variant cover featuring a rare drawing of one of Frazetta's much-lauded sexy gals!
Craig Yoe is available for convention appearances and interviews with the press in regards to this and his other books. Yoe Books' website is
FRAZETTA—FUNNY STUFF ($49.99, 256 pages, hard cover, full color) will be available Wednesday, April 25, 2012. ISBN 978-1-61377-167-9.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Annette Funicello Comics

I had such a crush on Annette Funicello. I first discovered her through the Beach movies and then worked my way back through her career with Disney films and then THE MICKEY MOUSE CLUB. I even enjoyed her Skippy Peanut Butter ads in the seventies. 

If DC had published these, we would probably had several years of Beach Party issues.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Help Tony DeZuniga

One of those artists who really was too good for comics so we always felt lucky to have him, Tony DeZuniga, co-creator of JONAH HEX, has major medical issues after a stroke and can use his fans' help. Her's a reminder of just how good Tony is and here is where to go for details on how you can help:

OK, so we aren't in a position to help out directly but here's what we'll do. For the next week, we will donate 50% of all sales (minus postage) from items on our sale blog to Tony, direct from Paypal. If there's something you've been considering purchasing, now's a good time. Get something cool for yourself and help out a man who drew some of the best-looking comics of the past 4 decades!


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bronze Age Sub-Mariner Splash Page Saturdays # 60

Same folks as the previous issue, same problems...right up to Namor sitting on the throne...literally.

The oddly pink title seems squeezed in and, quite frankly, Namor just sitting there thinking makes for a fairly dull splash.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Trivia Grit

Once again, postings may be light this weekend as I participate via long distance for the 3rd (or is it 4th?) year in a row in the annual Stevens Point Trivia Contest. Some great questions every year but even if you don't care for the trivia or the contest, I recommend you tune in to the live feed for THE absolute best radio playlist you'll hear anywhere these days! Where else can you hear the Ramones followed by Glenn Miller followed by Lesley Gore followed by Captain Beefheart?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Movies That Fell Through the Cracks # 73

I believe it was the notorious seventies exploitation movie BIG BAD MAMA that I saw on a double bill with today's feature, 1968's KILLERS THREE.

One of the few things touched by the now-late Dick Clark that didn't turn to gold, KILLERS THREE was co-written and produced by the AMERICAN BANDSTAND frontman and pretty much disappeared on release.

Robert Walker, Jr, (whose "look" was the visual inspiration for Ditko's Peter Parker I've always contended) stars as a young backwoods moonshiner opposite Diane Varsi (formerly an A List player who turned her back on Hollywood and ended up at AIP). Along with their "smart" friend (he has glasses and a mustache, played by Dick Clark, they decide to rob a fellow moonshiner, end up killing a whole big bunch of folks and taking it on the lam from the Sheriff (ironically played by "outlaw" country legend, Merle Haggard!).

KILLERS THREE's director was one Bruce Kessler, previously a top race car driver.

Merle Haggard appears on the rich country music soundtrack (with future California Lieutenant Governor Mike Curb listed as one of three credited with original music) but other than that and a rather violent end for Dick Clark in the film, I can't say it made much of an impression on me. 

Forget the Payola scandals. After all, Clark was exonerated there. KILLERS THREE was the real skeleton in Dick Clark's show biz closet. 

Rest in Peace Dick. We'll forgive this one.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bob Peak

I love it when I discover a new favorite that's been there all along! This morning I saw, for the first time as far as I recall, the name Bob Peak. Turns out Bob Peak, an illustrator who died in 1992, has actually been a favorite of mine for most of my life. I just didn't realize it! Bob's innovative design work has come at me since the sixties from movie posters, magazine covers, billboards, record albums and ads. I just never made the connection that the same guy drew/painted all of these! Now there's a book out (that I cant afford at $79.00). If you're also a fan, whether or not you knew it, you can find the book at .

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Western Comics With Real Life Cowboy Stars

A genre I was never much interested in as a kid was the western comic book. There were only a few by that point, mostly from Marvel and Charlton until the late sixties when DC threw in a couple. Readers of Bill Black's long-running reprint comics won't be surprised by this at all but something that has intrigued me lately is the sheer number of western comics from the forties and fifties. Even more so, the sheer number based on real-life movie cowboys! Here is just a sampling and it's by no means complete. Many of these titles ran for years! The covers are great!