Thursday, October 24, 2019

Favorite Horror Films and Monster Movies

Tis the season. I grew up a monster kid and although I'm not as big on horror movies as I once was, there are still many, many monster and horror movies from over the years that mean a lot to me. Here we see literally a small selection, starting--above--with my very first favorite horror movie! 

Thursday, October 17, 2019

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Inner Sanctum Mysteries by Martin Grams, Jr.--SALE!

As fans of Old Time Radio know, INNER SANCTUM was one of the most memorable of all radio series. Created by Himan Brown who would later introduce a whole new generation to radio drama in the 1970s--myself included--with the CBS RADIO MYSTERY THEATER, the original series also introduced one of the very first "Horror Hosts" in Raymond (Edward Johnson), who welcomed listeners through the Creaking Door to hear his black-humored puns as he introduced the week's creepy mind drama.

Martin Grams, Jr. is the acclaimed author of books on the Shadow, the Green Hornet, Sam Spade, the Twilight Zone, Duffy's Tavern, and the Time Tunnel.

One of Martin's earliest and now most-sought after books was an exhaustive history of INNER SANCTUM. Long out of print, in recent years the online prices when it turns up at all have been outrageous, ranging from nearly $200 to nearly $500! Go here to see the current high prices on Amazon:

GOOD NEWS: We've found a limited number of copies and we are offering this 280 page collectible volume for the much more reasonable price of $80, postpaid.


You can order a copy (or copies) of Martin Grams, Jr.'s INNER SANCTUM MYSTERIES: BEHIND THE CREAKING DOOR via PayPal to
$80 per copy, postpaid

A perfect book for 20th century pop culture buffs for Halloween and as a collectible, also perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Order now while supplies last! 
This post will come down when we're out of stock. As long as you see this post, we still have copies. 

You can find more info on the series here: .

You can listen to 152 episodes of INNER SANCTUM MYSTERY here:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Marvel Masterwork Pin-Ups

Today's mail brought my copy of this, due out officially on November 19th. Co-published by Marvel Comics with IDW's Yoe Books, this is the very first product from Marvel that I have directly been involved with in 54 years of collecting comic books! 

I'm credited, as "Bashful Booksteve," for "Research and Development." Essentially, I dug through all the Silver Age Marvels to find all the often forgotten or uncatalogued pinups, making a detailed list for Marvel so they could find the best quality copies of them, which were then brushed off, restored, cleaned-up and, in some cases, annotated for the absolute best reproduction you could imagine. It's a very impressive volume.

Ditko and Kirby, sure, but other artists you'll find within include Wallace Wood, Bill Everett, Barry Windsor-Smith, Don Heck, John Buscema, John Byrne, John Romita, Dick Ayers, and Gene Colan.

You can ore-order your copy at a great discount right now from: