Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 52

Chalk this one up to aging lettering legend, Artie Simek. Earlier in 1970's DAREDEVIL # 71, he had misspelled the word "forty" as "fourty." Here we see ol' hornhead tossing a statue at a fleeing helicopter just as the statue starts...TICKLING??!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

RIP-Andy Hallett

Haven't seen too much on this yet but actor/singer Andy Hallett who stole many episodes of Joss Whedon's ANGEL died yesterday of heart failure at age 33. I always enjoyed seeing him.

The Hulk is Coming...Back

When Marvel was young, THE INCREDIBLE HULK, their second attempt at a super-hero monster mag was heralded with little messages along the bottom pages of their other mags of the time. Although now considered classic, that original series lasted all of six issues before being cancelled. A few years later, after the character had bounced around in FANTASTIC FOUR, SPIDER-MAN and THE AVENGERS, someoned nade the decision to give the feature a second try, this time in TALES TO ASTONISH. The only problem was that this was the home of Giant Man and the Wasp. Perhaps to soften the blow, Ol' Greenskin fought Highpockets in issue 59 as written by Stan Lee and drawn by Dick Ayers (note the in-joke sign from that issue). In the back of the issue, though, was this full page Kirby/Ayers ad (with a somewhat disproportionate and surprisingly placid-looking Hulk) announcing the coming of the feature that would eventually take over the book.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bat Masterson TV Contest

Gene Barry was omnipresent on TV in the late fifties/early sixties starring in BAT MASTERSON at the height of the western craze, then switching to BURKE'S LAW at the early peak of the gimmicky detective craze (Amos Burke was a millionaire cop). Here we have a tie-in to sponsor Kraft in which a winning jingle could get YOU a top-paying role on BAT MASTERSON! It should go without saying that unless you have a time machine, this contest is no longer valid.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Here's a special offer for readers of Avon Comics! A kind of a weird offer for a comic book...a kind of an inappropriate offer for a comic book...a kind of WTF offer for a comic book!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Meme Time

Uh-oh.That popular 25 Random Things About Yourself meme that infected Facebook awhile back has now hit the blogs!! I KNEW I shoulda gotten that shot! At least it's in a milder version. Only SIX needed. Gilligan over at RETROSPACE (http://my-retrospace.blogspot.com/) has tagged me (*$@#!!) and since I already have 25 from the Facebook version, I figured what the heck, y'know?
So, okay, here's the rules:

The Rules
1) Link to the person who tagged you.
2) Post the rules on your blog.
3) Write six random things about yourself.
4) Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
5) Let each person know they’ve been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Six Random Things About Moi
1- My wife and I almost missed our wedding reception because of a STAR TREK marathon. After the wedding we were deposited at my mother-in-law's house until the reception was ready elsewhere. We sat through three episodes of a day-long marathon hosted by the actors before we decided we had better drive over.
2- In 1971, at age 12, I had to read the word "Hell" out loud in English class from the book CITY BOY: THE ADVENTURES OF HERBIE BOOKBINDER by Herman Wouk. It was the first "dirty" word I'd ever said aloud. Everyone in class snickered but I felt like I had accomplished something!

3-My mutant ability is that I have an acute sense of balance. This means that I get motion sick just by turning around too fast but it also means I can balance a broom on my fingertip for hours almost effortlessly, even moving it back and forth between fingers. I can find the center of gravity in just about anything making nearly anything easy to hold or balance.

4-My hair started going grey when I was twelve which led to endless taunting from classmates...but they didn't realize it also meant I never once got carded for anything!

5-I never once ate lunch in high school. Guess I just wasn't hungry.

6-In 1972, I was the head of our Junior High class Re-Elect President Nixon campaign!!

Whew! Not as easy as I thought it would be as much of the interesting stuff about me has already been written on this blog! So anyway, now I have to tag 6 other folks. I know, I know. You all hate this sort of thing. Well, loosen up, people. It's actually kind of fun to feel involved. So come on. If you absolutely can't bring yourself to do it though, no worries. Here we go:

1-Rick from ON MY MIND http://onmymind1.blogspot.com/
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3-Reis of GEEK ORTHODOX at http://geek-orthodox.blogspot.com/

4-Rene from VIEW FROM THE SANDBOX at http://viewfromthesandbox.blogspot.com/

5-Pete Doree from THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS at http://bronzeageofblogs.blogspot.com/

6-Howard Cruse from LOOSE CRUSE-http://www.howardcruse.com/loosecruse/
For anyone else generously tagging me with this meme I thank you but I only do these things once so please don't feel slighted if I choose to ignore your tag. It's appreciated, but...

Stages # 2

No matter how you look at it, Linda Lovelace was a tragic figure on an epic scale. Her rise and fall in the public consciousness was discussed in some depth by Joe-Bob Briggs at the time of her 2002 death and it can be found here: http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-briggs042502.asp. In short order she went in 1972 from a drug-addled "free spirit" who may or may not have been forced into prostitution to the toast of the town as the epitome of what was then called "porno chic." She hobnobbed with A-list celebs from Sammy and Frank to Hef to Linda Blair. Trying for a legitimacy that was simply beyond her limited and rather specialized talents, she appeared in a couple of flop R-rated pictures. After that, she made an ill-advised attempt at cashing in on her infamy by appearing in dinner theater sex farce. Specifically, she had a very brief run in Philadelphia in PAJAMA TOPS beginning in late 1973 (slightly more than a week), a traditional comedy of sexual misunderstandings. Based on an older French play, PAJAMA TOPS had been a minor success in various stagings over the years but the bottom line was sadly that Lovelace, appearing as the potential mistress "Babette LaTouche," simply couldn't carry her weight. It's a fun part later carried off slightly better in a filmed version of the stage play by--of all people--Pia Zadora. At least one online report has the desperate Linda resorting to her old prostitution ways offstage during the brief holiday run (and being scammed by a bunch of well-to-do welchers at that!). She married her last husband around this time and when the play flopped she retired from show business. Several years later she would turn up again with her books full of controversial allegations. By the time of her car crash death, however, she was reported to be making money selling signed photos on the autograph circuit. For the star of what would be easily one of the biggest money-making films of all time (if anybody ever had any legitimate figures on how much money DEEP THROAT had made) Linda Lovelace never really made any money in show business at all.

Absolute trivia--Broadway and TV vet Dick Patterson (top picture) who had the male lead in PAJAMA TOPS had earlier in 1973 appeared on HERE'S LUCY as a character named...STEVE THOMPSON! It was the very first time I had ever heard of anyone with my name!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Puppets, Playboys and Prisoners

Unexpectedly happened on a used book sale at the Public Library today and, as befitting my name, I could not resist. Sometimes, these sales can be filled with treats and delights. Other times, there are bargains you just can't pass up. I did, however put back a 25 cent hardcover copy of Maxene Andrews' autobiography as the whole middle section was detached. Likewise, I did not take the Rolling Stone SNL book from the early '80's. Never thought it was worth full price and sadly, it didn't look like it was worth 50 cents to me today, either.

I did pick up, however, about a dozen other titles (for less than five bucks total!) including a volume on ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS, Arthur Marx's controversial Bob Hope biography and the book seen here.

PUPPETS, PLAYBOYS AND PRISONERS is the type of thing you wonder how it ever came to the Library in the first place. It's also my favorite type of thing to find there. With no price, it seems to have possibly been part of a box set of similar paperbacks on Cult TV shows. Clearly British, this slim1998 volume gives brief overviews and detailed episode guides to ITC series including THE SAINT and THE PERSUADERS (both with Roger Moore), THE CHAMPIONS, RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED) and the Gerry Anderson productions, THUNDERBIRDS, UFO and CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS. As a confirmed anglophile and British TV buff, this is, of course, a truly cool find! Even moreso as every one of the series it discusses actually did make it to the US at one time or another! Never liked the AVENGERS-like CHAMPIONS and although I appear to be in the minority, I always found UFO quite dull. The others are all fond memories, however, with RANDALL AND HOPKIRK (DECEASED)--shown in America as MY PARTNER, THE GHOST--a particular favorite as I only recently discovered it on DVD from...the Public Library!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Batman and Robin in Buckskin?

This ad has Batman introducing readers to the new TOMAHAWK feature in STAR SPANGLED COMICS by referring to Tom and sidekick Dan Hunter as "Batman and Robin in buckskin!" Take a look at Dan, however, and you'll note he looks female!!! As if Wertham needed MORE evidence, here's the Caped Crusader comparing himself to a guy who apparently runs around with an underage transvestite...in leather yet! Let's not even get into the implications of Robin appearing in "solo action."

Stages # 1

For the first of this new series, we present a brief look at a legendary train wreck of a stage musical--1973's GONE WITH THE WIND! Strangely enough, this had originally been a Japanese production--a 4 hour Japanese cast play entitled SCARLETT with songs by Broadway veteran Harold Rome (PINS AND NEEDLES, I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE). It was cut drastically in a new book by the recently deceased Horton Foote when it opened in London with the more familiar title, GONE WITH THE WIND. The great Harve Presnell essayed the role of Rhett Butler but UK actress June Ritchie received the best reviews as Scarlett O'Hara.

Inevitably, someone got the bright idea of mounting it on Broadway. Tryouts were held in Los Angeles and San Francisco beginning in August of 1973 with tweaking here and there for the entire run. Pernell Roberts was a handsome Rhett Butler in a nice-looking toupee. Although not known as a singer, the legendarily "difficult" actor had, in fact, sung on several episodes of BONANZA and released at least one album. Lesley Ann Warren, who WAS known for musicals, was well-cast as Scarlett. Character actress Udana Power was Melanie with Terence Monk (whom I would see opposite Lucie Arnaz in SEESAW a few years later) as Ashley. Theresa Merritt who would, the following year, have her own TV series with THAT'S MY MAMA, played the controversial Mammy role.

With nearly 30 songs in two long acts--one of which included the burning of Atlanta, the play never really clicked with audiences. GONE WITH THE WIND, in spite of the constant tweaking, closed out of town after less than three months, never even making it to its scheduled Broadway run.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wally Wood and the Cartoonist

Over at HOORAY FOR WALLY WOOD today we've posted the picture seen here (courtesy of Thom Buchanan) which is a jam-packed Wood drawing of a National Cartoonist Society meeting in 1959 from the cover of their in-house mag, THE CARTOONIST. The problem is...who ARE all of these folks? Dozens of no doubt on the mark caricatures of (mostly newspaper) cartoonists include the instantly recognizable Al Capp as well as an amusing look at Walt Kelly, Charles Schulz and Ernie Bushmiller as versions of their own characters.. That's Milton Caniff next to SMOKEY STOVER's Bill Holman in the fireman hat (note the trademark "foo" on his collar). I THINK the guy with glasses at the bar is Mort Walker. Presumably Floyd Gotfredson with the mouska-ears. Hank Ketcham looked nothing like Dennis the Menaces's dad but the blackhaired guy on the right does and is probably supposed to be him. That's Rube Goldberg top right with the award named after him, the Rueben, taking a drink...next to a shmoo. The grungy looking bearded guy is PROBABLY Bill Mauldin. One of the two women is probably supposed to be Dale Messick. Looks like a self-portrait toward the back on the left--guy with cigarette hanging off his lips. Anybody name any more? Answer here or there in the comments or send emails. We want to know who these people are supposed to be!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Popsicle Pete Meets Roddy McDowall

I'm on record as being a big fan of actor Roddy McDowall. I have to say, however, that I appreciate his grown-up appearances (although he played young men until he was nearly 50) more than I do his child star films. Here, from somewhere inbetween, he teams up with now long-retired advertising icon Popsicle Pete in yet another comic strip ad!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Colour of Magic

British author Terry Pratchett, for those out of the loop, is and has been for many years to Fantasy what the late Douglas Adams was to Science-Fiction. His Discworld novels have long been fan-favorites and these days regularly hit the US Bestseller lists. Awhile back, I purchased HOGFATHER, a 2 part UK TV movie based on one of the later Discworld books and enjoyed it quite a bit. More recently, I've had a chance to watch the paradoxically newer 2 parter based on the first two books, THE COLOUR OF MAGIC and THE LIGHT FANTASTIC! It's even better. The problem with any of these types of shows is the pacing. As a 2 parter, it can sometimes seem a bit leisurely and episodic. That didn't for a second keep me from enjoying this colorful concoction immensely!

The story takes place in a world much like our own a few centuries back...except that it's flat and is carried on the backs of four elephants who are standing on a giant turtle travelling through space. There's also magic, dragons, assassins and a personification of Death voiced by the great Christopher Lee (who had previously voiced him in several UK animated Pratchett projects).
The plot in this one deals with Twoflower, a rich, lucky but naive tourist and Rincewind, a disgraced wizard in training who's appointed his guide. Jeremy Irons appears as does Tim Curry chewing the scenery as the main villian. Sean Astin stars as Twoflower. The major role of Rincewind goes, perhaps surprisingly, to David Jason who co-starred with Graham Chapman in THE ODD JOB but is better known as the voice of cartoon characters DANGERMOUSE and COUNT DUCKULA. Well, perhaps NOT so surprisingly as Jason had also appeared in a different role in HOGFATHER and is listed as a Producer on this one! He gives the role a quirky, fidgety, mumbling, cowardly performance that delightfully steals every scene he's in, even with such legendary scene-stealers as Curry around. Nigel Planer (hippie Neil from THE YOUNG ONES) appears as seperate characters in both movies, also.

It is episodic but then so are the books. The special effects are well above those in the average TV projects and the humor is consistent and genuinely funny...and British. The characters are bizarre, too. A particular favorite is Cohen the Barbarian, an aged legendary warrior who is still a force to be reckoned with...especially after he gets his new choppers! Then there's the luggage..an anthropomorphized trunk with legs that follows its owner everywhere and saves the day more than once.

All in all, if you're a fantasy fan with a sense of humor, I strongly recommend seeking out THE COLOUR OF MAGIC (and also HOGFATHER) for a fun and enjoyable evening or two with some unique characters.

Non-Tootsie C.C.Beck Ad

Ever wonder what artist C.C. Beck was doing when he didn't do CAPTAIN MARVEL or FATMAN? Like many comics folks, he moved into advertising art. We've run a number of examples of CAPTAIN TOOTSIE by Beck and others. Here's something different-a mini-gym ad!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Captain Tootsie Overload

Linda Blair Fans

I'm still enjoying FACEBOOK in spite of recent changes that seem designed to make it harder to do so. In fact, through no fault of my own I've just been named "co-owner" of the FACEBOOK group LINDA BLAIR FANS. It's a relatively small group thus far so we thought we would invite any and all FACEBOOK users who also enjoy reading about Linda here at the Library to come join us. It's free, it's fun and there's a lot of great pics of the ever-popular Ms. Blair, from then 'til now. Go to Facebook groups and type in LINDA BLAIR FANS. We'll see ya there!

Oh and if you only know Linda Blair as the punchline of an EXORCIST joke, wake up! Here's what she's doing now:http://www.lindablairworldheart.com/

Friday, March 20, 2009

Old-Time Radio Stuff

Breaking News! If you are planning on attending the upcoming Greater Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention (next month) please note that they closed the hotel out from under them! No worries, though, as here's the info on the new hotel! Considering some of the issues I've heard about with the old hotel in recent years, this can only be considered to be a good thing.

While we're on the subject of OTR, here's a nifty site that's just been brought to my attention. OTRCat ( http://otrcat.com/ ) is quite literally a catalog of just about every radio program known to be available, categorized by series or, in some cases, actor! You can get 'em on audio CD or in humongous (but affordable!) lots on MP3 discs. On top of that, though, the rest of the site acts like a one-stop for OTR with articles and actual episodes, bibliographies and histories. If you're looking for some major league entertainment beyond WATCHMEN, Coen Brothers movies and DANCING WITH THE STARS, then it's about time you discovered the joys of radio! Nothing can be scarier, creepier, more mysterious, funnier or more exciting than radio because it's all in your own head! Taken in historical perspective or taken purely on its own intrinsic entertainment value, OTR is NOT just for nostalgia-lovers anymore! Check out http://otrcat.com/ and tell 'em Booksteve sent ya!

Young Allies Theme Song

Don't you wish all comic book characters had theme songs? here, from way back in the 1940's is the theme to the YOUNG ALLIES, the Timely group that combined sidekicks Bucky and Toro with a fairly typical Kirbyesque kid gang. Pardon Mister Whitewash Jones for his politically incorrect look. YAHOO!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ditko's Gorilla From Outer Space

Here we have the splash page from a 1962 back-up story in Marvel's TALES OF SUSPENSE. As you can see, it's a Stan Lee/Steve Ditko story about a gorilla from outer space. I just can't help thinking, however, that if this were a DC comic book, it wouldn't have been a back-up. In fact, as gorilla-centric as DC is/was it would have made the cover, it would've soon spun off into its own series and before you know it this guy would've been the latest member of the Justice League of America!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Roberta, the Girl Wonder

Robin, the Boy Wonder, as we all know, is a dick...but in this case I do not mean Grayson. This 1950 solo ROBIN story is from that series' relatively long run in STAR SPANGLED COMICS and features the only appearance (as far as I know) of Roberta, the Girl Wonder! The reason that this is Roberta's only appearance is, as previously stated, Robin is a dick.

Y'see, Mary, this girl in Dick Grayson's class at Gotham High, has a crush on Robin and she logically decides the best way to win his heart is to become a helpmate--a masked crimefighter herself! After spending, oh, a couple of weeks at least in training and studying, she sews up a costume and looks vaguely like Merry, the Girl of 1000 Gimmicks who appeared in her brother the Star-Spangled Kid's strip in earlier years. She even has a gimmick-filled compact (She's a girl. Get it?).

Somehow, she knows that Batman is out of town (as he often was in this series) so, upon seeing the bat-signal, rushes to police headquarters to meet and assist her dreamboat. Robin (being, as we've said, a dick) is not amused and makes a point of explaining to her that, well, SHE'S A GIRL! And girls, of course, can't fight crime!

Even though he still seems a bit young to have a license, the boy wonder drives the Batmobile back to the Batcave only to find that Roberta has hitched a ride in the trunk! HAH! Still not overly impressed with her feat, Robin ignores her and goes about his business leaving her to play the Wertham card as she poutingly accuses him of being gay! "What have you got against girls, Robin? Don't you like girls?"

Not wanting to play into the gossip, he decides to use her as an undercover assistant, setting her up with a rubber mask and getting her jobs as a carhop, an usherette and a girl from the telephone cleaning service (WTF!!??). Eventually, she wears our Dick down and they go on a costumed superhero picnic. She pleads to see him without his mask and Robin actually agrees...pending the Dark Knight's approval, of course.

The next day, Robin has Roberta back in her rubber mask and sends her into a grocery where he becomes suspicious of her and sets a trap which enables him to learn her secret identity as his classmate, Mary. Duh! She was perfectly willing to unmask for you a page ago, stupid, but YOU decided to wait and bring Bruce into it and now THIS! Sigh. Now, Robin is convinced that any crook could have done what he did and discover her identity so he knows he can never, ever trust her.
Ummm...huh? Couldn't we say the same thing about her sneaking into the Batcave? Hmmm...?

Robin decides to do what, to him, is apparently the only logical thing. He sneaks a bat-chemical dissolvent into the perfume at the store he takes her to so that when it's sprayed on her by the saleslady, it will cause her mask to dissolve in public. Such a nice guy, that Robin! By sheer coincidence, a TV camera crew is waiting outside and anxious to interview the popular crimefighting team of Robin and Roberta (wonder what Batman was thinking about all of this?). You can guess where this is going. Her mask dissolves on-camera and reveals her as Mary on live TV! Her crimefighting career is over! Of course Dickie doesn't seem to give any thought to the criminals who now might go after her just for revenge or to get to him! Oh, no. He's too busy consoling her by telling her its a good thing she hadn't learned too many of HIS secrets so he at least can still go on fighting crime! Mr. Nice Guy! What happens when she stops to question how that stuff melted her mask in the first place? Hmmm...? In the end, as Mary decides that at least it was fun while it lasted, Robin patronizes her with, "Good girl. I thought you'd see it that way." OMG! He's such a...you know.

Note also that the final word balloon in the story ends with a period at a time when comics sentences, at least at National, ALWAYS ended in an exclamation point! A period! Is that supposed to be another less than subtle hint that GIRLS aren't suited to fight crime? Wait'll he meets Wonder Girl a few years later.

Some nifty Jim Mooney art on this less than politically correct tale of Robin the Sexist Wonder.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brittany Rose and The Cemetery

If you haven't visited BRITTANY ROSE AND ME lately, it's just been updated with a 22 picture sequence taken last evening at dusk...in a cemetery. Check it out! http://brittanyrosepictures.blogspot.com/

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Last Picture Update

Saddle up, pilgrims. It's time for this month's update on YOU'RE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST PICTURE This time we revisit the final film of John Wayne and it's a goodie. Take a look and let us know what you think.(http://youreonlyasgoodasyourlastpicture.blogspot.com/)

Creepy Ad

I'm not sure what creeps me out the most about this ad. Is it the fact that the movie projector promises "real live action" and we see an animated pig and a rather self-conscious looking wolf? Maybe it's the cigarette that the cowboy ventriliquist's dummy is smoking? The fact that they're preparing the little girl in the sewing machine section for sweatshop work? Nope. I've got it! It's the seductive pose the baby doll has and her musical note introduction. "Hello. I'm Sandy. I drink, I wet, I sleep..." I could find you that exact description on a half-dozen adult websites! Eeeeeeewww!

The Sub-Mariner Knows! Bwahahahahahaha...

From a 1950's SUB-MARINER comic, here's Namor's longwinded take on the Shadow's famous "crime does not pay" line. " Hey I thought it was amusing. Art by creator Bill Everett.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Superman, Batman and Robin Salute the Boy Scouts

I was a great Cub Scout. I won badges, went on hikes, supplied the baseball bat we used when we played ball and even recruited new members. I never made it to Boy Scouts, though. I flunked Tenderfoot. They kind of insisted I be able to tie knots and after three tests over three successive weeks, it just wasn't happening so I took my baseball bat and went home.
Here, though, from a couple of decades before my doomed efforts, we find the Man of Steel and the Caped Crusaders literally saluting the Boy Scouts of America. Art by Win Mortimer I believe.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Facebook Comic Con

Comics creator Michael Netzer (see link at right) has been preaching for some time now--often to deaf ears-- about the untapped power of the comics community. Then Michael figured out a way to tap that power...using Facebook!

If you're on Facebook (and who isn't these days?) today marks the first day of the FACEBOOK COMIC CON, an online virtual convention for comics fans and pros. In his rousing introductory speech, Netzer speaks of the grass roots movement that begins here and plans for harnessing its momentum for the greater good. Those plans may be a little vague right now but one can feel the enthusiasm from all corners of the 'Net. Literally thousands of people have signed up to "attend" this event with hundreds of comics creators--both known and unknown--coming together with one-of-a-kind art, interviews and other special features. There's even a virtual costume contest.

Adapting the very concepts of Facebook to his own ends, Michael has, in fact, created a movement within and without the Facebook environment! FACEBOOK COMIC CON unites the disparate factions of fandom and professionals as one body with common interests and a higher goal of making things better...for comics and beyond. As we've heard so often lately, this is a time of change. If you're a comics fan you should be part of this. If you're on Facebook, why are you reading this? You might be missing something at the Con. If you aren't on Facebook, sign up. It's free and it's worth the effort. ( http://www.facebook.com/ )The future of comics begins today. Be a part of the future!

I'm headed over to Artist's Alley. Look for me and say, "Hi!".

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kubert School Beginnings

One of my favorite defunct comic book companies was St. John which lasted throughout most of the 1950's. During this time, their main claim to fame was that they did the very first 3-D comics. They also published Joe Kubert's TOR, a MAD-like THREE STOOGES comic and WHACK, in my opinion the best of the Kurtzman-era MAD imitations. Kubert, as one of the companies main artists, often teamed with cartoonist Norman Maurer who had worked on the original DAREDEVIL comics in the forties. Together, the two of them actually appeared "on camera" quite a bit in an effort to create an identity for themselves similar to what Gaines and Feldstein had done at EC.

Something else they did, however, is to run ads like the ones seen here, apaprently attempting to supplement their income by giving art lessons. Since Joe would go on to establish his long-running, highly respected "Kubert School." I'd have to say that these ads highlight the beginnings of Joe's teaching interests. Don't know how much interest Maurer had. He married Moe Howard's daughter and established companies to control the Stooges' career, eventually moving into production of their films. He would from time to time return to comics briefly to work on Stooge properties (in a much more simplified style) and died in 1986. Joe Kubert continues going strong to this day and could easily be said to be the Grand Old Man of Comics! His actual sons, as well as his figurative sons who graduated his art courses, have spread out across various art fields and all represent his legacy. All because of a few 1950's ads like these.(http://www.kubertsworld.com/kubertschool/KubertSchool.htm)