Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Comic Artist Blogs

By now any of my readers who care have undoubtedly checked out my Wally Wood Blog (see right link list if you have not). I've decided to add a blogroll of similar blogs devoted to single artists and I need your help. So far I've added three that I knew of but I'm not finding a lot of others. I know they're out there. Where's the love for Curt Swan, Bill Everett, Steranko, Gene Colan, Dave Gibbons, Ross Andru, Lee Elias, Will Eisner, Lou Fine, Jack Cole, etc.? If you know of ongoing, updated blogs (not just a webpage) devoted to these or any other comics artists--and NOT just their characters--, please let me know via email or comments and I will happily add them. If you can't find a blog dedicated to your own favorite artist, why not consider creating one? I did!


  1. Here's one:
    Simon & Kirby Weblog at the Jack Kirby Museum

    I think there's another Kirby one out there too...

  2. Here's the Kirby one I was thinking of:
    Jack Kirby Comics Weblog

  3. Here's an Al Wiseman blog thta hasn't been updated in 18 months...

    Al Wiseman Blog

  4. Anonymous10:28 PM

    There's this guy, Steve Thompson, who drew some great stuff back in the '60's and '70's, but his art is SO RARE it almost never shows up online...would that one of the collectors with a big heart would post some of their hoarded original art by ol' "torrid" Thompson...we can only hope!

  5. I run
    which is devoted to the works of Jim Aparo.

  6. One for John Stanley

    Stanley Stories