Friday, March 20, 2009

Old-Time Radio Stuff

Breaking News! If you are planning on attending the upcoming Greater Cincinnati Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention (next month) please note that they closed the hotel out from under them! No worries, though, as here's the info on the new hotel! Considering some of the issues I've heard about with the old hotel in recent years, this can only be considered to be a good thing.

While we're on the subject of OTR, here's a nifty site that's just been brought to my attention. OTRCat ( ) is quite literally a catalog of just about every radio program known to be available, categorized by series or, in some cases, actor! You can get 'em on audio CD or in humongous (but affordable!) lots on MP3 discs. On top of that, though, the rest of the site acts like a one-stop for OTR with articles and actual episodes, bibliographies and histories. If you're looking for some major league entertainment beyond WATCHMEN, Coen Brothers movies and DANCING WITH THE STARS, then it's about time you discovered the joys of radio! Nothing can be scarier, creepier, more mysterious, funnier or more exciting than radio because it's all in your own head! Taken in historical perspective or taken purely on its own intrinsic entertainment value, OTR is NOT just for nostalgia-lovers anymore! Check out and tell 'em Booksteve sent ya!

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