Thursday, March 12, 2009

Facebook Comic Con

Comics creator Michael Netzer (see link at right) has been preaching for some time now--often to deaf ears-- about the untapped power of the comics community. Then Michael figured out a way to tap that power...using Facebook!

If you're on Facebook (and who isn't these days?) today marks the first day of the FACEBOOK COMIC CON, an online virtual convention for comics fans and pros. In his rousing introductory speech, Netzer speaks of the grass roots movement that begins here and plans for harnessing its momentum for the greater good. Those plans may be a little vague right now but one can feel the enthusiasm from all corners of the 'Net. Literally thousands of people have signed up to "attend" this event with hundreds of comics creators--both known and unknown--coming together with one-of-a-kind art, interviews and other special features. There's even a virtual costume contest.

Adapting the very concepts of Facebook to his own ends, Michael has, in fact, created a movement within and without the Facebook environment! FACEBOOK COMIC CON unites the disparate factions of fandom and professionals as one body with common interests and a higher goal of making things better...for comics and beyond. As we've heard so often lately, this is a time of change. If you're a comics fan you should be part of this. If you're on Facebook, why are you reading this? You might be missing something at the Con. If you aren't on Facebook, sign up. It's free and it's worth the effort. ( )The future of comics begins today. Be a part of the future!

I'm headed over to Artist's Alley. Look for me and say, "Hi!".

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