Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Dug a Ditch-Kay Kyser and His Orchestra

Kay Kyser and his orchestra with Harry Babbitt, Sully Mason and the ever-popular Ish Kabibble. This is from 1943's THOUSANDS CHEER. I always tell folks I was in a movie with Kay Kyser. In 1980 my comedy troupe was on an all-night movie show doing sketches between the scenes and the commercials. The film that night was Kay Kyser and friends in THAT'S RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG!


  1. Re: Kay Kyser orch:
    You have, maybe, something against Ginny Simms, girl vocalist?

  2. I adore Ginny Simms! Only she's not in this clip--nor even this movie. By the time THOUSANDS CHEER was made, Kay's female singer was Georgia carroll whom he later married!