Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Posting may be sparse here for a few days after tomorrow's WEEK OF HONG post as we prepare for and attend the final GREATER CINCINNATI OLD-TIME RADIO AND NOSTALGIA CONVENTION. Money's tight as always but we wouldn't miss this for the world. Unlike any convention I've ever been to, the regular guests and attendees alike have become like family and unless something comes up this may be the final time we all get together ever.

Finished up one major project this week and lost another blog as BOOKSTEVE PRESENTS is now kaput. Jury's still out on what might replace it.

Some potential news regarding one of our other blogs so keep watching the skies for that possibly coming down the line.

Come to think of it, potential news regarding a second blog, also. Soon...

Working on a couple of projects at the moment but need another paying gig. If you folks have a pop culture-related book that you need any behind-the-scenes work done for, I'm told my rates are comparatively low.

Be back tomorrow for a couple of films called CHINA GIRL that could not be farther apart!

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