Thursday, May 11, 2006

Made it!

Whew! Well, I think things have settled down since my computorial faux pas nearly eliminated my entire virtual Library the other day. We're up and running with a brand new look , a new counter and the same old cool junk from the boxes, cabinets and bookcases in the next room. Very special thanks to Michael Netzer who not only attempted to help me fix my blogging problem from the middle of a frickin' desert a world away but who completely humbled me with an unexpected review of BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY on his own spanking new blog at Michael Netzer: RABBLE-ROUSER. I have no doubt that his will be a fascinating and controversial site to watch as it develops! Thanks, Mike! Also, Happy Birthday to DIAL B for BLOG. My 9 year old son and I celebrated that nifty blog's one year mark by breaking out my nearly complete run of the original Dial H For Hero series in HOUSE OF MYSTERY. David wanted to take them to school with him but when I explained how much he'd have to pay if anything happened to them, he quickly decided on some GOOSEBUMPS books instead.

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