Saturday, April 29, 2006

Links, Thanks, Etc.

Just a brief pause, as I do from time to time, to thank you all for coming and for taking the time to comment (those of you that do) either here or in emails. I really appreciate it. Most recent stats indicate that I now have readers not only in Japan, the Netherlands, Australia and Switzerland but also in Bulgaria! Hi, guys! Linda Blair remains a hot search word topic so I will be revisiting her soon here on the blog. I think I said last time I just hope she realizes how popular she is on the Web. A reminder, too, that if you can't afford to put anything in the donations box at right (and I certainly couldn't right now myself!) clicking on the Google ads above really DOES generate a little income to help me keep up this enterprise and hey, come on, they don't bite! Click already. Oh, and don't forget my very first short story (or anything else) to be published in a book can be found in IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN 3 ( It's That Time Again 3). I'd love to know what readers think, good and bad. If I get enough reviews, maybe we'll do a collection of them here. Time for everyone's favorite section-Some links I haven't plugged before (or at least lately): Simon & Kirby - A really cool blog that is actually in touch with Joe Simon and thus gets the real scoop on a lot of things. Jack Kirby Comics Weblog -The new address of the poular Kirby Weblog. Now located at the Kirby Museum! Bubblegumfink-Reborn from the ashes yet again, Dave has been running lots of groovy things here since his most recent resurrection. Erotic Story Writers Group-My friend Lori's new site for those who like gay and lesbian (and a little straight) erotica. This is ADULT material and if you're easily offended, skip to the next link but for those of you who like this sort of thing, here 'tis. Greenbriar Picture Shows- I am consistently amazed at how much this site tells me what I DON'T know about classic movies and movie stars I thought I knew. Outpost Gallifrey- With the new DOCTOR WHO series upon us, this is your one-stop for all information! An Amazing Web -This guy's reading every issue of THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN and offering running reviews. Fun! Longtime favorite comics creator Colleen Doran is blogging about all types of things, not just comics. Oddball Comics- Scott Shaw! and his OB comics move into their own expanded webspace after all this time. Explore for hours! Stupid Comics- Similar to ODDBALL COMICS, these folks deal with ridiculous comics, too, both mainstream and outre. Well, there's a few for you. I had more but my computer's acting up so we'll save them until next time.

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