Sunday, April 02, 2006

Just Passing By

As you know, I generally live in the past. For those of you living a bit closer to the present day, however, might I recommend checking out the temporary return of Klaus Kinski, Jr.s lamented blog The By-Pass Control. As you may recall, KKJr was one of my cohorts in the ill-fated Bubblegumfink Squad experiment and recently closed his own blog of mostly musical posts. The outpouring of sadness and good wishes has prompted him to do his first post-closing post, though, and the results are a treasure trove of B-sides from a band I must admit is after my time. I had to look them up here: Greetings from the White Stripes. Let's hope that, like Jack Benny, this will be the first of many "farewell specials" from Klaus.

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