Saturday, February 25, 2006

Superhero ABC

One of my favorite relatively unsung comics artists has long been Bob McLeod. For thirty years now(!!) he has turned out amazingly smooth pencils and inks for Marvel, DC and dozens of other companies. I particularly remember some Spider-Man and Legion stories.Now, he's just published his first children's book, SUPERHERO ABC. When my son was little, my wife and I would sit in his room until he fell asleep. Sometimes, we would choose a subject and go A-Z naming items that fit it. David always wanted the subject to be super heroes. Here, Bob McLeod has done exactly that, in the process providing the most marvelously amusing drawings I've seen from him in years (except for "V" Yuck!). Here are a few nifty samples from the book and here's a link to Bob's website: Art by Bob McLeod. If you know Bob, tell him we love his book here at the Library. Then go out and buy it for yourself. You don't even need kids to appreciate it!

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