Friday, February 03, 2006


I don't know. I was never really a big fan of Johnny Hart's B.C. comic strip but my wife was so along with her dowry came a number of B.C. paperback collections. She was looking at this one last night and I just found it highly amusing. Zoom in on it and note the fine print on the front cover. Apparently the title of the book was originally "LIFE IS A SEVENTY-FIVE CENT PAPERBACK." Then, the price of paper went up and it became, in a later edition, "LIFE IS A NINETY-FIVE CENT PAPERBACK" before ending up with this title. Not sure if it stayed in print but it would be interesting to see if the title kept changing as it went to 1.50, 1.95, 2.50, etc.

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  1. Yes, it did. Life was eventually a dollar seventy-five cent paperback, then a dollar ninety-five cent in 1984. I think that's when life ended, at least in inflationary terms.