Friday, February 24, 2006

Silver Age Comics

The quite wonderful blog entitled SilverAge Comics asked reecently for folks to post what their favorite Silver Age covers were so I did, giving a random, off the top of my head sampling. Imagine my surprise this morning to find nearly all of my choices in the site's new logo! Too cool! The book pictured here was the comic that made me want to learn how to read. I carried around a copy of this for ages along with my CASPERs and SPOOKYs trying to figure out just exactly what was going on. I remember calling Angel "Wings" and not making the slightest connection that Scott and Cyclops were the same fella! I recall trying to figure out who would paint buildings entirely gray like that, too as well as why they didn't get that guy in the wheelchair outa there. He might get hurt! Anyway, special thanks to Pat from SilverAge Comics for just making my day. Don't know how long the logo will stay but check it out today and I think you'll be back often for a great site!

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