Monday, January 30, 2006

Sherlock Holmes in America

Yesterday's post mentioned Bill Blackbeard as one of the authors of THE COMIC BOOK BOOK. Blackbeard, the founder of the San Francisco Academy of Comic Art, was also the author of this magnificent 1981 coffee table book. This is the story of the great British conslting detective's rise to fame in America, from the stories and plays up through the radio, comic strip and advertising versions and burlesques. As you might suspect, there's quite a bit on the various comic strip parodies. Lots of unique pieces here, many in full color. I recieved a volume of THE COMPLETE SHERLOCK HOLMES as a Christmas gift in 1976 and his adventures have been favorites ever since. This study of peripheral Holmesian trivia is one of my favorite books here in the Library.

I'll probably write more on Sherlock at some point, but if you just can't wait, visit Sherlock Holmes Shoppe: About Classic Specialties , run by my old friends Joel and Carolyn Senter. There! I made it through the whole piece without a single "Elementary..." joke!

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