Friday, January 06, 2006

It's That Time Again Vol. 3

My bad luck continues, leading hopefully up to the glorious good luck that so often accompanies Friday the 13th!

Okay, so now not only is my scanner not working but my internet connection in general has gone South for the winter (due to non-payment, I'll admit but hey, what's money between friends?) so I'm spending my lunch break at work typing this just for you wonderful readers but with nothing much to say. Thus, taking a page from my cousin's blog, ON MY MIND, I refer you here to read up on the soon to be released book, IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN 3, featuring my first official, professionally published short story (I sold one before but this will be the first published) as well as a surprising piece by my cousin, Rick Phillips.

The just released cover is eye-catching but the meat of the book is a series of short stories teaming up characters and shows that never actually teamed up on radio! My own humble effort features radio insurance investigator Johnny Dollar on a visit to DUFFY'S TAVERN.

The coolness factor for me is increased by the fact that the book is edited (and with stories by!) by Jim Harmon, whose writing I have admired since ALL IN COLOR FOR A DIME and THE GREAT RADIO HEROES. ALL IN COLOR...was co-edited by Dick Lupoff, later the author of the enjoyable mystery novel, THE COMIC BOOK KILLER, and he, too, is featured in IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN 3! My not as close as I'd like pal Martin Grams, Jr, a veritable walking encyclopedia of radio and entertainment in general, appears with a story as do many other promising writers, some of whose names I've heard before and some of whom, like myself, debut here! I am surrounded by good company in this book! Finally, the foreword is by Norman Corwin, a true living legend of OTR whose radio classic, MY CLIENT CURLY, I once co-starred in on stage (as Curly's owner). I can't wait! It's coming in February. Pre-order today! (Order by midnight tonight so you don't forget!)

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