Saturday, January 28, 2006

More Kings Island

Wow! Yesterday’s Kings Island post seems to have hit a cord with just about everyone so lets talk about it a bit more. Many people cited the classic BRADY BUNCH episode from November of 1973 (and if you haven’t read Barry Williams’ behind the scenes stories of THAT in his book, GROWING UP BRADY, go do so now. We’ll wait.) THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY also did an episode at Kings Island that featured Keith falling in love with an older park tour guide played by Mary Ann Mobley. Locally, they even ran a "making of" TV special about that episode at the time of its initial airing.

Here are some more pictures of Hanna-Barbera Land or The Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera as it ended up being called. These are from the park’s official 1973 souvenir guide. I always liked the way the motif presented characters that hadn’t been on TV in years. Tell me they weren’t aiming just a little for that nostalgia market. Here we even have some shots from inside the legendary Enchanted Voyage water ride which was set up like you were travelling right through a giant TV set. Note that giant Gulliver from a show that was already gone by the time the park opened! And Squidley Diddley! Oh, and check out that telephone behind Fred and Barney. We really were living in the stone age. We just didn’t know it. Kings Island was the first place I ever saw a video game, though, when they got an early Pong machine. I remember that it was big and bright yellow and most of the guests seemed intimidated by it, opting instead for the classic pinball machines in the Arcade and leaving Pong for me. Hehehe! Over the next few years, they got more and more video game machines, eventually, of course, squeezing out most of the pinball machines!

If you still want more, author Charles Jacques, Jr., who’s already chronicled the legends of various amusement parks around the US, is working on a Kings Island volume so watch for it!


  1. Thanks for the scans. I went to Kings Island as a child and was too scared to go on the Enchanted Voyage. Other wise I loved it. They had walk around characters of Jabber Jaws, Hong Kong Phoey, Scooby, Fread and Barney, etc. I have been seraching for photos to see what the Enchanted Voyage looked like inside for years. This site: has some nice pictures as well.

  2. I was a frequent visitor to Kings Dominion, which also had a Happy Land of Hanna-Barbera. You could see Yogi Bear fishing outside his cave! These photos bring back a lot of memories.. I wonder if I still have that photo of me and my brother with one of The Hair Bears?

  3. Anonymous11:56 PM

    Great stuff ... but I feel for those poor guys in the costumes riding the SCOOBY-DOO roller coaster!

  4. Anonymous4:15 PM

    Any update on the Kings Island book? I have know about it for three years. Hopefully it coming out soon.

  5. I haven't spoken with author Charles Jacques in a little over a year but a friend who still works in a bookstore told me recently that he said it's "coming soon." Take that as you will.

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    Hey There!
    I happened upon this Blog while researching The Brady Bunch at Kings Island! I want to say that you have excellent pictures here. I have an extensive Kings Island Souvenier Collection from when I was a child. I used to go to Kings Island every year, and I have a map from every year that I was there. It was cool to see how every year there was something new! My earliest recollection would have been before the Brady's were there. I have a plastic License plate the says Kings Island 1972 grand Opening. I would have been in Kindergarten at the time. I have lot's of postcards, tour guides, Information booklets that they used to give you when you paid to park, mugs, hats, t-shirts, as well as photos that I have taken myself! It wasn't until the early '90's that I slacked off from going every year. However, I have gone as recently as this past summer. I have gone probably every 3 or 4 years since the early 90's. I have riden all the big roller coasters, and I can even remember riding The Bat! It was only there for a short had some mechanical problems and had to be torn down. It sat where the Vortex sits now! I remember as a kid riding the Spinning Barrels that Alice from the Brady's had to ride when she was looking for Mr. Brady's plans! Also I liked the Winsom Witch Cauldren's, as well as Penelope Pitstops sport cars, and The Enchanted Voyage. I remember when it became the Smurf ride...and well I thought it was too Smurfy! Later it became Phantom Theater, and now its a Scooby Doo ride! Speaking of Scooby Doo, he had his own coaster in the 70's but it was changed to The Beastie when The Beast was opened in 1979. Which by the way is The Greatest Coaster of all-time! Son Of Beast is exactly what it's name is...believe me you will be calling it a Son of a .... when you get on it and let it beat you up as you hold on for your life!
    King Cobra used to be stood up when you rode it. I also remember flying wooden shoes, and some rides from old Coney Island...such as Tumble Bug, Flying Eagles, Cuddle up, Bavarian Beetle, Bayurn Curve, and the Sky ride! I also remember in 1974 when the Safari Monorail opened, we waited for 3 hours to ride it, and it was hot..people were fainting in line...and the monorail kept having problems with it's air condition units.
    Accidents that I'm aware of were....the sky ride collided in the '70's and hurt some folks...don't know of any fatality. Someone fell out of short-lived flying ride..and died. There was an electricucian the same day in a small lake, and in the early '80's on Grad Night someone attempted to climb the Eiffel Tower and didn't make it. I happened to be there the next was closed off with caution tape..and there were detectives on the scene. It was rumored that the guy fell through the elevator shaft and got decapetated. Despite these accidents, most of which were carelessness, I would recommend everyone go and enjoy a wonderful day!

  7. Pretty much the only happy memory of living in Cincinnati was going on The Enchanted Voyage when I was little. Loved the pics - triggered a lot of happy memories. Didn't there also used to be a food stand in the shape of a barrel?

  8. Anonymous1:57 PM

    Does anyone know the song that played when you entered the Enchanted Voyage ride?

    It was on a Yogi special also. Not sure the name of the tune.



  9. Thanks for posting those pictures.
    I actually was at the park on ne of the days they were filming the Brady Bunch. It was so crowded,you wouldn't believe.
    The park also had this ride. You would get in and it spun fast and the bottom dropped out. You would stick to the sides because it spun so quickly.

  10. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Hey, thanks for the memories. It is really neat to see the pics..they bring back soooo many memories. My family took me there shortly after it opened, and my favorite ride of all at that time was the enchanted voyage, after they took it out it hasn't been...well you know. I never liked the smurfs. Nothing can compare to the ole days. It just isn't the same and probably never will be. But anyway, thanks for your pics and web page....I appreciate what you have done.

  11. OH MY GOD!

    I am 42 and my brothers and I (from Columbus area) went to King's Island all the time as kids.

    Don't get me wrong the Beast is the best and the other rides are more fun, but the HB Enchanted Voyage was my favorite ride as it brought my favorite characters to life. I also enjoyed the front of the big tv with Mighty Mightor and Mobey Dick and the other characters.

    I can't believe you have these images....They are great!!!
    The one with the circus was the end of the ride. WOW WOW WOW.

    Thanks SO MUCH for posting these.
    What great fun we had. many people that melody that played still runs through my head.


  12. Believe it or not, the theme song from Enchanted Voyage is online. Here's the link.

  13. yeah! this place looks excellent and i would love to visit but I feel for those poor guys in the costumes riding the Scooby Doo roller coaster!

  14. Willie and Joe's amswer to Uncle Walt's Happy Place. :-)