Saturday, January 28, 2006

Disney On Parade

Before there was DISNEY ON ICE, there was DISNEY ON PARADE, an arena stage show for all ages without the gimmick of the skates. I saw the second touring production in 1971. The pictures here are a representative sampling of the souvenir book.

This edition was entirely different from the first and was highlighted by a live version of SNOW WHITE, scenes from PINNOCHIO, a live interpretataion of the hippo ballet from FANTASIA and, my favorite section, Goofy meets Herbie the Love Bug! Watching the car dance and wrestle with a guy in a dog suit wearing a janitor's costume was hilarious silent movie-style slapstick!


  1. Anonymous4:44 AM

    My goodness....I have the exact same souvenir book and I live in Australia! I remember being taken to see this production. I was only 6 and had won a double pass courtesy of the local newspaper. Seeing those disney characters "alive" under the big top was so surreal, magical and a little bit frightening. The circus has always been a worrying concern of mine and to have that atmosphere combined with scenes of Stromboli and living marionettes was all too much!

  2. Anonymous12:45 PM

    My dad stage-managed the DoP tours circa 1969-1973, including Australia and Europe. I was basically born "on the road" and toured with my mom & dad until I was about 2. Don't recall much of DoP, but I do remember quite a bit about the Peter Pan tour in 1975, which was Cathy Rigby's first time playing that role. Back in the day, the show featured an uneven parallel bar routine in which she kicked the you-know-what out of Captain Hook everytime he got too close. Those were the days...

  3. Hi,
    My name is Suzanne Smith A.K.A. Suzy Schweizer. My mom & dad (Ree & Andre) were on DOP 3 Caballeros, & Peter Pan & then went on to Yabba Dabba Doo . I was about 4 yrs.old when we started on DOP & 17 when yabba babba doo ended. I now live in MO with my husband & 3 kids I love telling them about the years I spent touring the world with my family and the wonderful cast and crew.
    ps. anonymous is your dad & mom Dan & Bobbi?

  4. Anonymous12:11 PM

    My fiance was with DOP in 1970-71 and I flew from city to city to visit him and stay with the cast and see the shows. I would come for the weekend and stay backstage and get a real glimpse of the hard work involved. It was a lot of fun and a nice way to see the USA too. The marriage did not work out and I lost track of him over the years.

  5. Hi, I was a dancer with DOP and did the European, South American and Austrailia tours. I remember Ree and Andre, and you Suzy as a little girl. I played one of the lost boys in Peter Pan. Amazing that people still remember those tours - great days!

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    To blogger who stated " Your Dad was stage manager for Disney On Parade 69-7?....that would be Stuart Paul. I toured with D.O.P. from The original opening premiere in Chicago Dec. 24, 1969. It was the BEST experience of my life. I would love to find Al Granados, Sally Peagram-Granados, Tommy Callas,Bobbie Squires,Joe Giamalva,Cory Dalton( too funny, too cute) Robin Rice, Frank Groby and the rest of the cast that gave me some of the best stories, and best memories....we need to have a cast reunion in 2009.....40 years reunion...o.m.g LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN! CONTACT

  7. Anonymous9:31 AM

    The Duck:
    I was an original cast member of DOP,1969-71.I was a dancer and the voice of Donald duck.Jerry Petty if your out there send me an

  8. Anonymous12:53 AM

    What a small world.....
    A friend is doing a new show and wanted some ideas, so I found this site with some great old memories.My dad was the owner of the big top for Australia and New Zealand, and I remember David Atkins was Pinocchio, and Kenny Rogers played Donald Duck.
    Every time I hear Jungle Book I can see the monkeys running down between the seats....they were the good old days.....

  9. Anonymous1:25 AM

    I was an original cast member of the first DOP in Australia 1971-2. my wife and I had the best time doinf=g the biggest show ever to play in Australia at that time. During the tour my wife and I were blessed with the birth of our son Jason who was the only Disney baby born in Australia whilst on tour.

    I was very fortunate to also be a csat member in the second DOP "Snow White" unit and in years follow I played the principal role of Fred Flinstone both here in Australia and the USA. In 1980 I was an original cast member of Sesame Street Live portraying Chief Inspector Farquar and I am current portraying another very famous children's television character in Australia as well as running my own very successful children;s entertainment business and still surrounded by Characters.

  10. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hi anonymous.... You would'nt be John Gibbard by any chance?

  11. Anonymous4:42 PM

    Hi Suzanne (Suzy)
    John Gibbard here AKA Fred Flintstone Australia & USA tours.
    What a buzz finding you on Google.
    I am still in the business, I own and run my own Children's Entertainment company Characterland Productions in Australia where I live. My website is
    What is your mum and dad doing now... are they still working?
    I would lover to hear from you drop me a line.


  12. Anonymous5:40 AM

    Hi all

    Well my story is a little different. I met a cast member from the New Zealand show (trying to remember exact date - think must have been end of 1971 beginning 1972) and had a brief romance. I was 17 ane he was 26 years old. I believe that he went on to the Australian show as well after that. He was from Romania and his name was Peter. He played the part of the White Rabbit and may have played other parts in the show possibly. I have a son to Peter who will be 37 this September but as I did not remember Peter's surname properly have never been able to trace him. Peter would be about 63 or 64 years old now. It would be really good to get any info that anyone might have on Peter. Not wanting to be disruptive in his life in any way but would be really great to know what has happened to him or his whereabouts now. You can contact me by email

    Thanks - hope someone sees this and can help
    Auckland, New Zealand

  13. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Eugene "EUGIE" Nock , hello D.O.P. I started at the very first Disney on Parade in Long Beach,Ca, 1969.
    The Nock Family Swaypole Act. Eugene and Aurelia are my parents. We all have great memories of our years with Disney on Parade 1969-1971 then Austrailia Tour 1972-1973 then Australia-Hong Kong-Singapore-Bangkok 1975-1976 tour Peter Pan.
    All great Tours. Bello Nock was only one (1) year old when we started with Disney, Bello is now headlining Ringling for the last 10 years. I clearly recall meeting Roy Disney and Ducky Nash. And proudly telling them my Dad performed on The Tall Swaypoles and was also The Daring O Donell in Dumbo Circus.Ducky did his Donald voice for us. I recall many friends, Mike Gerilikas,Gene Columbus,Stuart Paul,Roger Arroyo,Carolyn Stahl,Joe Levantie,Bobbie Squire,Marilee Magnisun,Nancy McCloud,Donna Shingeldecker,The Moore Family,The Cooks, The Nocks,The Burns,The Caverrettas,Gail Crossan,Kieth Dito,Tom Carty,Rocky Rockwell,Sarge Schriber,Steve Linenburger,Frank Marlblo,Tom Hanson,Ellerd Davis,Steve Shadley,Beckey Columbus,Margert and Maureen,Barbette,Ron Lewis,Casey Gibbs,Rene,Carin Cristiani,The Bullin Brothers,Mike Edgely,Chris Edgley,Edna Edgely,Kenny Rodgers,Chuck Sateja,Albert White,Chuck,Bambi Burns,Aurelia Nock my Mom,Bello,John Nock aka Darling Children,The Rocks,Ingrid,Arthur and Goldie,Drew Handley,Jim Carr,Prue,Con Silvarres,Don Kirby,Perry Adair,Lolita Chappal,Sandy Liebline,Timo Nordstrom who later became my Helicopter Airealist,and the list goes on. The Disney Days were Great!!! I welcome you to visit our web site All The Best, Eugie Nock

  14. Anonymous6:06 AM

    By the way every body that is the beautiful Carolyn Stahl on the cover of the The Snow White Program, The Snow White Unit. it is interesting that Caroline Stahl authored the original Dwarf Book in the 1800s.
    My Family and I had the pleasure of working with Carolyn Stahl in the 1970s.

  15. Anonymous12:34 AM

    Hi Disney family members.
    Does anyone know the whereabouts of Tom Carty or have they heard from him?
    I would be keen to make contact with him as we worked together in Yabba Dabba Doo!


  16. Anonymous5:45 AM

    In 1975-76 Tom Carty tought tapp at the peter Pan show touring austrailia,Singapore,Hong Kong,Bangkok. He is a very dear friend! I remember Gail Crossan and I spent a lot of time with Tom, dinner etc. All the best Tom! Hey Gail where are you? email me

    Eugie Nock

  17. Joe Levantie,
    I feel full of vim viger and full of vitalitie, the Joe would tell every body about think and grow rich!!,always positive thats Joe!!

    How are things in Mo.? all the best!!


  18. Hi all DOP, Peter Pan & Yabba Dabba Doo former Cast, Crew, Specialty Acts & Production Staff.

    Great news! We are holding a Disney on Parade, Peter Pan and Yabba Dabba Doo reunion on October 2, 2010.

    I hear you say “that’s a long way off”, but I thought I would give you as much time as possible to get your travel plans etc. together.

    Our reunion is going to be held in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia and I have attached the invitation and full details to this email.
    It looks as if it is going to be one “helluva a good time”, and I hope we will see you then.
    If you have any queries, just send me an email and I’ll clarify any points you raise.

    Best wishes,
    See you in 2010,

    John Gibbard
    DOP “Alice & Snow White Units – Yabba Dabba Doo cast member.

    PS if you have the address or email address of any of the old crew, do me a favour and email them to me at

  19. Peter Pan, here! Haha! What a trip to find this blog. I was Peter Pan in the very first DOP - I left the show (or was ASKED to leave) when we were in North Carolina. I had a "troublesome attitude." I still do! Get older and crankier by the minute. Anyone had contact with Scott Morrison? He was our "Woozle," and a roller skater. That's all for now. Feel free to contact me at Bye for now: Chris Mills

  20. Hi, I totally stumbled across this post on accident but am delighted to find that some of you may now my late uncle Frank Groby. I never actually met Frankie (as my family calls him). He passed away in 1988 I think. I would love to hear any stories that any of you remember of him and even better would be any old photos. You can reach my at It sounds like all of you were a part of something very special!

  21. I stumbled across this looking for co worker DOP Deborah MOran Hilford of Melbourne. We weren't cast but worked as ushers and confectionary and had a ball. Who remembers Buck Nolan? Great to see you are having a renuion, I still have my photo's and 21st Key signed by the characters in Brisbane. Good times. Have photo of Peter Pan with Black eye, where did he get who knows.

  22. Greetings DOP from Gene Watkins known as the Big Bad Wolf back in 69/70 Would love to catch up with some of the gang see what's happen these

  23. Janis Hammond said
    Hello DOP! Thanks to Eugie for reminding me of those amazing times. I was Gail's room mate on Peter Pan. I remember Con Silvarres, Tom Carty, Gail Crossan, Bobbie Squire, Julie Ridley, Keith Dito, Rocky Rockwell, Kenny Rodgers, John Chester, Chris, Peter Meade, Regina, The Bugler family, little Joe, Alida Brockman...cast and crew of the Alice European tour, Three Cabs in South America and Peter Pan. Would love to hear news of any of you. Did anyone find Tom Carty?

  24. Hi all - My big brother Tom Callas toured with DOP in 1969. I was so proud of him. See a few pictures i've posted here.

  25. I've been trying to find more info on this particular show. Thanks for posting!

  26. WEll,I just found this after all these years.
    Iwas in Disney on Parade from 72 onwards,starting with the Alice unit in Europeand S.America.
    3 Cabs all over S.America(15 months)and London.
    Peter Pan in Australi,Banhkok,Singapore and Hong-Kong.
    Got to play Mickey,Mowgli and Mr Smee!.
    Some of the most fantastic times in my Life.Never to be forgotten.
    Went on to do many shows includin 6 years in CATS amongst others.
    Any one remember me?,then do get in touch.Michael (Reardon)


  27. Here is a Video transfer of the 1973 Version of Disney On Parade.