Saturday, January 21, 2006

The Beatles Forever Again!

Recently, I was surprised to find that the early seventies magazine, THE BEATLES FOREVER was put out by the fine folks who went on to produce the estimable STARLOG magazine. Imagine my surprise this morning when I ran across my completely forgotten copy of…THE BEATLES FOREVER, a 1995 magazine with a virtually identical cover also published by Norman Jacobs! Although some of the historical material is the same, the entire project is updated with new articles, new photos and, of course, coverage of Lennon’s death, McCartney’s concert success and the then-eminent debut of the ANTHOLOGY project. The writing is knowledgeable throughout and, although obviously intended as a money-making tie-in, clearly the folks who made this were real Beatles fans. Printed on two types of paper, the slick pages offer fine photo reproduction but the pulpier paper makes the whole enterprise look cheap.

The back cover, reproduced here, is a snow scene from the set of HELP. I’m on record as saying that if a movie has a good snow scene, it’s a good movie. Thus DEATH WISH, SERENDIPITY, LOST HORIZON (the original. Nothing could help the remake!) and even SNOWBALL EXPRESS are good movies. The scenes in HELP are what started my lifelong love of a good snow scene. Yeah, yeah, yeah, indeed!

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