Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Number 500!!!!

They say the first 500 are the hardest! This is my 500th post since throwing open the virtual doors of the Library back in August of 2005. During that time I’ve pulled books off the shelf and clippings and ads out of files and boxes and found that every one of them has a story. I’ve begun to feel like Rod Serling on NIGHT GALLERY!
Among the most popular subjects covered in those first 500 posts are:
Kings Island
Linda Blair
Cissy Colpitts
Christa Helm
Underground Comics
Michael Netzer
photomanipulated vampire girls
National Lampoon
Wally Wood
Jim Steranko
Jim Shooter
Hayley Mills
Unsold TV Pilots
Dark Shadows
It’s all downhill from here to the big one year virtual anniversary party next month and you are ALL invited! Of course, if I’m still without a paying job you guys will have to bring your own snacks and stuff but I’ll provide the entertainment! Thanks to everyone for your continued support and encouragement! The doors are always open so drop by anytime and bring your friends. It's all POP in here!


  1. Sir - any idea where we can find the Dark Shadows blog in your archives?

    Also - I know about the failed WB Dark Shadows pilot from a coupla years ago and I've heard DS-creator Dan Curtis speculating before his death about a Dark Shadows Broadway musical - but do you happen to know if it's true that he was also planning on a Dark Shadows-themed amusement park called 'Barnabas World'?

  2. Barnabas World would not have surprised me as Curtis worked hard to exploit his successes but I hadn't heard about it.

    I have just GOT to get that Search This Blog feature back, don't I? I had two DARK SHADOWS pieces in October and another in late March of this year when Curtis died.

    Thanks for everything Sonny!

  3. No - thank YOU, Steve.

    Your blog is a daily pleasure.

    Of course, naked pics of Linda Blair are an added bonus.

    Congrats on the Big 5-0-0- and see you on-line for the anniversary party. I'll be bring pistachios and wearing a gardenia.