Thursday, July 06, 2006

Andy Lambros

Changing subjects completely from the murdered starlets and naked ladies of yesterday, this is four year old Andy Lambros, star of my all-time favorite TV commercial. When Andy sings you the story of his bologna and how it has a name you just can’t help but feel good! This Oscar Mayer commercial first aired in 1975 and aired continually for at least a decade after that. Giggly Andy’s story and a hundred other truly memorable (as opposed to those annoying ones) TV commercials can be found in the 1984 book MIGHTY MINUTES as seen here. Andy Lambros himself, now in his thirties, has a website here: where you can see the classic commercial as well as find out what happened to the little fisherman (hint: You'll never see Andy on one of those "Child Stars Gone Bad" TV specials).

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