Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jack Kirby and Me

Regular readers of this blog know that while I did at least get to see Jack Kirby in person (at the 1987 San Diego Con) I could not bring myself to speak to the King…especially after nearly knocking Will Eisner into Kirby. Now comes the news, three years late to these parts, that I DID, in fact, contribute a minute portion to Kirby mythology.
A few years ago, I corresponded with John Morrow of the wonderfully obsessive magazine, THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR, about how I videotaped Kirby’s brief 1982 interview /profile from ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. John requested a copy which I happily provided (although it wasn’t easy ‘cause I first had to find some way to get my old Betamax working again!) and then I promptly forgot all about it.
Recently, whilst perusing a Twomorrows catalog of amazing fanboy coolness that I currently can’t afford, I noted that a transcript of said interview with Catherine Mann had, in fact, appeared in an issue of TJKC that I had missed in 2003! A quick email to Eric at the publisher and I now possess a copy of that issue featuring my small contribution to archival Kirby lore.
Although I’m credited on the article itself, the absolute coolest part for me, comics collector and Kirby lover since 1966, was the contributor acknowledgement page near the back. You know, the one where they thank Neal Adams, Stan Lee, Joe Simon and a bunch of other folks whose work and creativity I’ve admired for most of my life? If you look closely, just a line under Jaunty Jim Steranko, you’ll find the name of moi, safely ensconced between Rascally Roy Thomas and Happy Herb Trimpe. You non-comics readers will never, ever understand just how freakin’ GREAT that is! Sigh…
Check out this issue, THE JACK KIRBY COLLECTOR # 39 (with Black Bolt on the cover) or any one of a hundred or more Twomorrows products here: TwoMorrows, Bringing New Life To Comics Fandom.
They’re a classy company with first rate editorial content and quality products all around. If you like to see behind the scenes of classic comics, they’re easily your best choice. Thanks John! Thanks Eric! Most of all thanks to you, Jack. Sorry I never said it in person.

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