Monday, July 10, 2006

Hey Silent Film Buffs-Who Are These Guys?

I've been asked by a friend to try to identify several old autographed pictures. According to her family, a relative named Charles Hammond was an actor in the 1920's. IMDB lists a Charles Hammond that MAY be him. That Charles Hammond is also listed as an Assistant Director on Chaplin's legendary lost A WOMAN OF THE SEA. According to my friend, the guy to the right with the clipboard in this shot is Charles Hammond (looking for all the world like an AD). The picture is inscribed to Hammond's mother but who is the other gentleman? A WOMAN OF THE SEA was directed by Josef Von Sternberg. This signature says "Dick ?????" Actor, director, producer? Any of you experts out there have any clues? The other two pictures, signed to Charles Hammond and dated 1923 are signed stills of actor Malcolm McGregor. Him I can find a lot on.


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Dick L'Estrange
    (aka Dick Le Strange)

  2. I believe you're right! Can't find any film they were both involved with but I'm pretty sure that is him! He was an actor in the twenties just as Hammond was. Thanks much D.D.!!

  3. Yup! That's my great-grandfather. I would love one of those pics, if you have any available!

  4. Which one is your great grandfather? Dick or Charles? My friend did end up selling the photos back when this was first published so can't help you there I'm afraid. If Hammond was your relative, however, I could put you in touch with the friend who was also related to him.