Monday, October 31, 2005

My Boy Wonder presents Links!

Well, here it is Halloween and my scanning software has stopped working these last couple days, totally screwing up my planned big finish! While I wait for that spare hour to actually try to repair it, here's my son David photomanipulated into Robin and some links for your surfing enjoyment:
DIAL B for BLOG- An amazing, super-professionally done site with a whole new issue practically every day!
Tony Isabella-Former Marvel/DC writer/editor and current CBG columnist offers more or less daily reviews and interesting insights!
Mike Sterling's Progressive Ruin-Opinionated observations and reviews!

Bubblegumfink- Another amazing site. The content is often similar to mine but much better done!
The Groovy Age of Horror-NSFW but an obsessive site on a little covered era of horror writing and comics, both US and European.
datajunkie- A new fave. Has far too much time on his hands but uses it wisely!
Comic Book Resources - Comic Book News, Reviews and Commentary - Updated Daily!- Art, news, reviews and opinionated columnists. Everything comics fans love! age DC fans will practically die laughing!
On My Mind-My cousin's new blog. Still searching for his niche but check it out.
Supernatural Law- New Wolff and Byrd every Monday and Thursday! Cool!
Bill Bellamy - Official site - Fastlane-My favorite new comic. OK, not THAT kind of comic. Also, he isn't all that new but somehow I'd never heard of him until I saw him on Comedy Central in the middle of the night last week! Funny, confident, impressive! Keep your eyes on this guy!
There's lots of other sites I find myself visiting daily, including especially my three permanant links. Hopefully, I'll get my problem sorted out in the next day or so. In the wings: Linda Blair, The Maze Agency, Plastic Man and the damndest Lana Turner story you will EVER hear!!

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