Saturday, October 22, 2005


That last post got me all nostalgic so I thought I'd revisit my youth just briefly and share with you some of my Halloween costumes over the years. From top to bottom, left to right, we have a cowboy (c.1961), Batman ('66), a sad clown ('65?), a bum (unused '67), Daniel Boone ('67), Buster Brown (actually from my '65 Kindergarten play but, hey, it's a costume!), a vampire (1971)(Inset-2nd try, 1972), Groucho (,73), GIJoe astronaut ('68), The Hulk ('69), Superman (?? I'm out of years!), me out of costume and me as a burglar in one of my final Halloween forays in 1981, that one to my first and only(no one's ever invited me since!) "adult" Halloween party. Somewhere in there I was also Spider-Man and Archie and the following year I wore the Spider-Man costume with the Archie mask and went as Peter Parker! How clever I was!

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  1. Nice photos! I'm glad the Buster Brown outfit was from a school play. I can't imagine a kid wanting to dress up as Buster Brown for Halloween, or anyone recognizing who it was.