Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Angel's Halloween

Dipping back into our vast archive of Cincinnati newspaper TV magazines (or at least their covers) from the seventies, here we have starlet Angel Tompkins, then starring in TV's SEARCH (AKA PROBE). Here's a link to Angel's contemporary studio bio: Probe-Control Dedicated to the 1972 Series Search and the Pilot Movie Probe

Her later credits run the gamut from softcore sleaze to TV tearjerkers with a bizarre aside for the cult classic, LITTLE CIGARS in which she leads a troupe of midget gangsters (or to be politically correct, "gangsters who happen to be little persons"). Interestingly enough, however, she ran for the head of the Actors union a few years back, apparently being only narrowly beaten by William Daniels!
Happy Halloween, Angel! We remember you!

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