Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hey, through a series of events, I'm spending the weekend (virtually at least!) in Wisconsin sitting in on the 40th Annual World's Largest Trivia Contest at radio 90FM (available on the 'Net here: with some of the best trivia players I've ever "met." I am SO out of practice at this sort of thing but I love it! It's too late to register for the 54 hour event that runs through Sunday night but tune in for some great questions and enjoy the best and most eclectic mix of oldies (swing, pop, rock, alternative) I have ever heard! They actually played Tennesse Ernie Ford and the Ramones within minutes of each other yesterday, followed by LOTS of Buddy Holly, Rosemary Clooney, Beatles and the Pipkins! Join me "in" Wisconsin for awhile today and listen to Oz, DJ Albino and a real fun event. I'll be "going back" next year! Thanks for inviting me, gang!

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    also, msg steve with an answer if you know it, lol