Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bookdave's Debut

When I first went to the Cincinnati Old Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention 22 years ago, I barely knew the woman I would eventually marry. A year later we went together though and appeared onstage together for the first time. A couple years further on and we appeared just before our marriage. A few years on down the line and we attended while Rene was 4 months pregnant. Then the memorable hassle of taking David (and his nanny!) for the first time. Now...all of these years later...DAVID GOT A PART!!!

Okay, it isn't MUCH of a part. One line. Two words. Hey! Charlie Chaplin didn;t have ANY lines for years and HE became a legend. This COULD be the start of something big. If you will indulge a proud father, here now, from this afternoon, is David's stage debut!


  1. I was so proud of David for several reasons this weekend.

  2. and don't forget how huge Boba Fett became and he only had a couple of lines...