Saturday, April 04, 2009

Bob Hope Meets Superman

Here's a rare real-life still of two DC comics characters meeting! In this case, we have legendary comedian (and star of DC's long-running ADVENTURES OF BOB HOPE comic) and the Man of Steel himself, SUPERMAN (star know.) In this case the Metropolis marvel is portrayed by serial star Kirk Alyn, the very first live-action Superman. The event is a charity baseball game in the late 1940's. Note that Bob's wearing a Cleveland Indians uniform. For those unaware, Bob actually BOUGHT his hometown baseball team around that time and owned it for many years.


  1. What is it about George Reeves' Superman that just works (mainly in the first two seasons of his show) that doesn't quite happen in the same way for Kirk Alyn?

  2. Michael Doty1:00 AM

    I always liked the story that goes with this picture. Kirk Alyn said that during this game, a who's who of Hollywood stars participated in this game, with "Superman" as a pinch-hitter. Alyn was supposed to hit a doctored baseball that would crumble to dust when hit. When his turn to bat came up, Alyn promptly struck out. With the audience jeering in the background, a contrived rule was made up on the spot to allow one more chance for Superman to hit the ball. Alyn was successful the next time.

    Source: Superman: Serial to Cereal by Gary Grossman. A great book about the Superman serials and the George Reeves series.