Thursday, April 09, 2009

The Goons on This Is Your Life

Here's a brief but funny clip from the climax of Sir Harry Secombe's appearance on the UK version of THIS IS YOUR LIFE in 1958. As a big fan of BBC's GOON SHOW since discovering it on American public radio in the early seventies, it's always a treat to see any of those guys together and this bit has Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan and Ray Ellington all showing up for a last minute gag.

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  1. Anonymous4:46 PM

    Love the Goons! I have many episodes of the radio series on
    -erm- cassette tape, and if you're in the proper mood to listen, the
    shows take you away to a strange,
    wonderful place. NOTHING like them,
    and incomparable to any other sort
    of comedy in any genre.
    Search the 'net for The Goon Show;
    tune in, listen, laugh!
    Thank me later.

    Sam "Bluebottle" Kujava