Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mike Nasser Marvels

Found in the deep recesses of the Library this morning, we have this cover from the 1976 Marvel Con program booklet with art from our friend Michael Netzer (in his previous Mike Nasser incarnation) along with Al Milgrom (who's been working on some of the new, "realistic" ARCHIE comics lately). This is a good example of how an artist as stylized as Michael can mimic others' styles when called upon to do so.


  1. I've only seen that in ads and always assumed it was just a paste-up job using characters from various sources. Never dreamed it was Nasser swip--er--trac--er--homaging the original sources.

    I really, really dug Nasser's faux-Adams style, btw. He did some beautiful Batman, Green Arrow, and Black Canary strips.

  2. This really jars the memory. Strange that an editor would want this type of thing instead of a new rendition. But that was the case here and as I remember, Al Milgrom had laid out the figures and chosen the art it would be based on. All I did was give it a little line and form so it can be inked. Pretty silly but I was rolling with the punches then and didn't mind doing it at all. In that early period of my career such as influence was welcome. Thanks Groovy--er--Agent.

  3. You rock, Mr. Netzer! Calle me "Groove". ;D