Monday, April 13, 2009

Mystery Spidey Artist

Here's an ad from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN # 1 soliciting letters. Boy, did they get 'em! My question is...who drew this slightly off-model Spidey? It's not Ditko and--look at them fingers!--it sure ain't Kirby! My best guess is Don Heck because of a touch in the inking style on the head. The rest reminds me of Dick Ayers' work for some reason though. Sol Brodsky? GCD doesn't mention the ad but surely the subject has come up somewhere on the 'Net. Anybody care to venture a guess? Anybody know for sure?


  1. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Certainly NOT Ditko or Kirby! Ayers and Heck are suspects only
    because they were around at the time. But I think you would see
    their style more in the head and
    hand if it was one of them.
    I'm guessing Sol Brodsky who slapped this ad page together in Production with deadline looming.

    Sam "Sherlock" Kujava

  2. Looks like Brodsky to me.