Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun Girl is Not a Lawyer

One thing's for sure. Third tier 1940's Timely heroine SUN GIRL is not an attorney. In fact, she doesn't even seem here to have a basic understanding of how the legal system works in the United States. Honey, the reason they call it "serving your time" is've SERVED YOUR TIME!! How can you expect them to keep someone who has seved their time with good behavior, become eligible for and earned a parole? Because YOU are paranoid enough to think that this person--who was understandably upset when originally sentenced--made some threat about destroying the world!? WTF, woman! If superheroes went around preventing supervillians from getting paroles, there'd be no comic books! Get it! Never mind that you were right and in the very next panel the villain in question is standing on a hillside plotting the end of civilization...THAT'S NOT THE POINT! In fact, it's your job to catch him and you should be lucky you HAVE a job, sister! So there!

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