Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Radio is Cleanin' Up the Nation"

Here we have the prize radio of the Library. We were never able to date it exactly but it's an RCA Victor model probably dating from the late 1930's. It was donated to me about 20 years ago by one of my ex-employees, an older woman who appreciated my love of old-time radio and wanted it to have a good home. It takes awhile to warm up but it actually still works! The problem, of course, is that it picks up Bob & Tom and Kanye West rather than Fibber & Molly and Dick Haymes. Therefore, it works much better to put a cassette player behind it and play the old shows.

It's Old-Time Radio and Nostalgia Convention time again so I may or may not be able to post over the next couple of days but I'll give you a full report on Monday. We aren't staying at the hotel, just driving up daily. Tomorrow at least, my whole family will be wearing special red radio microphone shirts for no apparent reason except it seemed appropriate. If you see us, I'm counting on you to say, "Hi!"


  1. Have one of these old radios too and I just can't listen to anything modern on it...just doesn't seem right. But our local talk station does old time radio shows after 11pm so that is when the radio is turned on.

  2. i can't recall for sure, but wasn't there an episode of 'twilight zone' or some similar show that had someone get an old radio and it only picked up old time radio?