Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dracula and Frankenstein Vs. FJA

The heck with Ed Wood! At least he tried. Al Adamson is a far better candidate for worst filmmaker of all time. His patchwork messterpiece is DRACULA VS FRANKENSTEIN, an early seventies loser that got a surprising amount of coverage (including a cover!) in FAMOUS MONSTERS OF FILMLAND. If legendary horror film lover Forry Ackerman thought it was worth it, we ALL wanted to see it! For most of us, it was a moot point untill many years later as this grade Z minus drive-in horror was barely released in theaters. What could the Ackermonster have been thinking to promote this drek so heavily? Oh...wait...I get it! That's FJA himself giving a terrible performance in one of his long list of Z movie cameos along with echo-voiced Drac ("Zandor Vorkov" Yeah. Right.)and John Bloom as Frankie! If you absolutely have to torture yourself with this mess which also proved to be the final film for veterans Lon Chaney, Jr and J. Carroll Naish, it's on YouTube in multiple parts!

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