Thursday, April 09, 2009

Peter Cushing on This Is Your Life

Here we have Christopher Lee, Joanna Lumley and others in tribute to the wonderful Peter Cushing. Although obviously ailing, the geat actor seems to take absolute delight in everything. So heroic as Van Helsing, so evil as Frankenstein and STAR WARS' Grand Moff Tarkin, Cushing is said to have been one of the nicest men in show business in real life and he and longtime co-star and friend Lee supposedly enjoyed watching Looney Tunes together.


  1. Anonymous4:49 PM

    I wasn't aware of a British version
    of Ralph Edwards' "This Is Your Life", but thanks for sharing this
    lovely clip, a tribute to a fine actor.
    I much rather view a show of this
    calibre and class than the Ozbornes
    Reloaded! Now THAT one scraped the
    bottom of the barrel and kept on

    Sam Kujava

  2. According to this episode aired on 21 Feb 1990 (Season 30, Episode 18). Besides Christopher Lee, Freddie Jones, and Joanna Lumley (and Ursula Andress, who we only see in the audience in this clip), IMDB lists David Prowse, Caroline Munro, Peter Ustinov, and John Mills.

    I couldn't quite make out what Christopher Lee was saying: "read the Times, drink his whisky and soda, light his pipe, and ????"