Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stan and Ollie Meet Superman

Now this is getting interesting. We know Superman has met Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Lucy Ricardo, the Quik Bunny, the Hulk, Predator, Orson Welles...and now, Laurel and Hardy?

Actually there's no way of knowing if this cover gag had anything to do with the story inside. Why? Because this issue, DC's LAUREL AND HARDY # 2 from around 1972, was never published! I'm not certain why at the moment. Not even sure if issue 1 ever came out. I know an advertised companion digest comic did NOT; a rights dispute most likely. Seems odd that DC would have sought out the rights at all having just recently cancelled the long-running Bob Hope and Jerry Lewis tie-ins. The art, as you can tell by the signature, was by humor artist, inker and future ARCHIE staple, Henry Scarpelli (whose son Glenn would appear in later episodes of the CBS seventies sitcom, ONE DAY AT A TIME).


  1. Anonymous6:20 PM

    Yes, BookSteve, issue #1 of Laurel & Hardy DID appear; I picked it up
    off the rack. And I would have picked up #2 if it had been published, just based on that cover!
    Why would DC cancel a title after
    ONE issue, unless they found they
    had a problem with the rights to
    use the characters.

    Sam "Laughing Gravy" Kujava

  2. Yes, I too have seen issue number one! #2's cover is much cooler. My guess would be a copyright problem too.

  3. I recall that much of the interior art was by John Albano - best known as a co-creator of Jonah Hex