Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart

Here's "I Remember the Feeling," one of the better songs from the short-lived mid-seventies teaming of the two former superstar Monkees with the two singer/songwriters who (other than Mike Nesmith) arguably wrote most of their best songs. They did an album of catchy, kitschy tunes and comedy, a tour, a TV special, a live album and then went their separate ways again.

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  1. Carl Cafarelli1:04 PM

    "I Remember The Feeling" was my second-favorite track from the DJB&H album; my favorite was the "Steppin' Stone" rip "You Didn't Feel That Way Last Night (Don't You Remember)." It seems to me that "I Remember The Feeling" was one of a relative handful of tracks among the entire Monkees (and related) canon to feature prominent vocals from both Micky AND Davy--if memory serves, it was generally either one or the other, not both. The early version of "I Wanna Be Free" and the Dolenz-Jones single "Do It In The Name Of Love" are the only other exceptions to come to mind.