Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sarah T-Portrait of a Teenage Alcoholic

In 1975, Linda Blair appeared in her second "teenager in trouble" TV movie, a genre that she looked to be specializing in for awhile (along with, oddly enough, Eve Plumb!) SARAH T., PORTRAIT OF A TEENAGE ALCOHOLIC is a powerful, moving story that avoids alot of the preachiness associated with this type of film both before and since. William (1776, ST. ELSEWHERE, CAPTAIN NICE) Daniels co-stars along with a pre-Jedi Mark Hamill. Here's the original newspaper ad, TV guide listing and a review from February of 1975.

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  1. I first saw this movie on TV in my teens and it impressed me a lot. But I didn't catch any of the overtones described in the review (thanks for sharing it, by the way). As I saw it, Sarah's problems were nothing out of the ordinary, she had the normal life of a teenage girl whose parents had divorced. The appearance of a balding Larry Hagman did catch my attention, though. That was the first time I saw him after "I Dream of Jeannie". Today, of course, he is best remembered as J.R. in "Dallas", hairpiece and all.