Sunday, August 20, 2006

Aquaman in the Sea of DC Staffers

This is one of my all-time favorite comic panels and it's by Jim Aparo from 1970's AQUAMAN # 50. Our hero is swimming through this microscopic alien world where he's picking up thoughts telepathically only in this case, the artist, near one of several career peaks, includes the names of a bunch of other folks working for DC at the time as the thoughts themselves!
For the record, the names are:
(Dick) Dillin
(E. Nelson) Bridwell
(Mike) Sekowsky
(Neal) Adams
(Dick) Giordano
(Russ) Heath
(Frank) Thorne
(Carmine) Infantino
(Mort) Weisinger
(Bil) Draut
(Denny) O’Neil
(Sid) Greene
(Mort) Meskin
(Gil) Kane
(Steve) Skeates
(George) Kashdan
(Alex) Toth
(Joe) Giella
(Joe Kubert)
(Nick) Cardy
(Berni) Wrightson
(Murphy) Anderson
(Lee) Elias
(Irv) Novick
(Jack) Miller
(John) Broome
(Ross) Andru
(Julie) Schwartz
(Jack) Sparling
(Pat) Boyette
(Jay Scott) Pike
(Win) Mortimer
(George) Evans
(Mike?) Barr (Was he there this early??)
(Bob) Brown
(Mike) Friedrich
(Murray) Boltinoff
(Frank) Robbins
(Gardner) Fox (Bob) Haney
and finally—I think I got them all—the unfortunately misspelled (Mike) Eposito(sic)!

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