Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Spirit of San Diego

We spoke earlier this week of the Spirit and his many revivals over the years. One of my favorite Spirit cameos was here on the cover of the 1975 San Diego Con souvenir mag. I didn't attend my first SD Con until 14 years later but I was always mail ordering these things and wishing I could go. Unlike many of Eisner's quick sketches, this is a fully finished and colored piece (partially truncated here I'm afraid due to my scanner's limitations) featuring our hero kickin' back with some old SPIRIT sections. Here's the mystery. Seeing as how Commisioner Dolan's preparing to jump into the pool, I'd have to asume that's his daughter Ellen so...uh...who's "Connie?"

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  1. Connie Rodd, a servicewoman from Eisner's P*S Magazine, the preventative maintenance magazine he did for the US Army between his retiring the Spirit in the 50's and his return to comics in the early 70's. P*S Magazine was illustrated instructions to soldiers on how to take care of their equipment.
    Fortunately, I had finished Comic Book Artist vol 2 #6 which is a double-sized tribute to Eisner. Worth getting even at $14.95