Monday, June 01, 2009

Shadow Hare-A Real World Superhero

My cousin Erica posted this news report on Cincinnati's own masked vigilante, SHADOW HARE, on Facebook and it seemed appropriate to repost here. Parts two and three can be accessed from this one if you're that interested but this is self-contained. There's also a ton of additional videos related to, reporting on and making fun of SHADOW HARE. ROLLING STONE recently reported on the under-the-radar national phenomenon of real-life "superheroes" who patrol city streets with pepper spray and handcuffs and intervene in crimes of all sorts when possible. It's a thankless job. Unlike in the comics, these people get laughs more than respect...even out of the bad guys. But as this clip of SHADOW HARE and his Allegiance of Heroes from right here in the Cincinnati area reveals, they DO help people and that's more than a lot of us city folk do. Is it dangerous? Hell, yes! Are these people a little bit insane? Perhaps but think about it--if your favorite comics heroes existed in real-life, wouldn't they also be considered crazy?

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  1. Etienne9:23 PM

    YOW! The (Five o'clock) Shadow Hare...even the name strikes...well, indifference into the hearts of men. I have no doubt that he and his paunchy team will run into some evildoers - they are certainly asking to be beat up for it. And, DUDE, work on THE VOICE: are you gonna whine them into submission? There's so much wrong with this, it's not even funny. Okay, it IS funny, but in a sad "we-all-saw-THAT-coming" sort of way...