Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Cover Browser

http://www.coverbrowser.com/ is a nifty timewasting site I discovered via Bud Plant's blog ( http://budplant.blogspot.com/ ). Lots of comics and book covers but also whole sections for foreign DVD's and the ever-popular odd album covers. Check under "Misc." for the latter but only if you have a lot of spare time. Unlike most sites like this that offer a smattering of goofy-looking televangelist LPs, drug covers and foreign albums with titles that translate strangely, this one offers upwards of 2000 covers in the LP section alone! I just looked at the first 500 and there were a number of gems like these seen here (including Cincinnati's own beloved COOL GHOUL! I got to meet the Ghoul's daughter about a year ago and she said that everyone who finds out who her father was says how much they adored him.) There's also an unauthorized use of Alfred E. Neuman, a rather definitely unauthorized use of BATMAN (perhaps two if you count the Adam West 45) and a nice Jack Davis cover. THE FRIENDLY GIANT was a gentle children's program I used to watch back when I was already too old for it on NET, the predecessor of PBS.

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