Sunday, June 07, 2009

Batman and Bob

Was watching an old episode of BATMAN with my son the other night when, as often happens with sixties and seventies TV programs, my friend of many years of OTR Conventions, Bob Hastings, appeared onscreen. I've now known and often acted opposite Bob myself for two decades but it always gives me a thrill to run across him in old episodes like this. It's happened recently with THE FLYING NUN and WONDER WOMAN, also. I guess its a Six Degrees kind of thing. "Hey, I can match Adam West in two!" In this case it was even cooler because Bob's scenes were all with another guest star who had, like Bob, been a fixture in old time radio--Alan Reed! "Hey, I can match Fred Flintstone in two!"


  1. Which episode? I'll pop it in!

  2. It's the second episode of the 3-part second season series with Penguin and Marsha, Queen of Diamonds.

  3. Carl Cafarelli1:14 PM

    In degrees of separation, I've always held that it's unfair to link to a fictional character through an actor who played the character. As you say, you do match Adam West (rather than Batman) in two, but you match Alan Reed in tow, not Fred Flintstone. However, since Alan Reed worked with The Monkees on their TV show, you match Micky, Davy, Peter & Mike in three.

  4. It's "Penguin Sets a Trend" (1967) - a real hoot! Bob is funny as always, and I must admit I could hear a little bit of Fred Flintstone creeping out of Alan Reed...but if I didn't know beforehand, I'd never have guessed it was him!

    I sure do love the old Batman series, lots of fun and great guest NOW I get to watch in COLOR (we only had the one black and white set when I was a young'un watching Bats the first time)!

  5. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Bob also did the voice of Commissioner Jim Gordon in the
    1990's "Batman - The Animated Series!"