Monday, June 01, 2009

Rare Bee Gees Videos

I've been a BEE GEES fan for as long as I can remember (in spite of the disco years!). In fact, on Facebook recently, I chose thier original Greatest Hits album as one I could listen to over and over from start to finish. When I got my first CD player, it was one of the first albums I bought. Many readers may not realize this but the Bee Gees were huge in their native Australia for years before they hit internationally. Whilst checking out a Bee Gees video posted on another blog earlier, I stumbled onto some very, VERY early Bee Gees videos from the very early 1960's! Here are just a few! The first is from 1960! I was one year old! The second is an early Beatles cover from the band that would eventually play the Beatles (more or less) in the movie SGT. PEPPER'S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND. Finally, there's HILLY BILLY DING DONG CHOO CHOO. Kinda give syou a whole new appreciation for I STARTED THE JOKE and NIGHT FEVER.

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  1. The Gibb brothers are NOT native Australians. They were born on the Isle of Man & spent their childhoods in Manchester, England. The family emigrated to Australia but only stayed a few years before returning to England.