Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Linda Blair Wallpaper

Here's a few screenshots of the ever-popular Linda Blair from her 1975 TV movie SWEET HOSTAGE with Martin Sheen. Since we still get about twenty folks a day here at the Library looking for Linda, I thought I'd share and mention that these make good wallpaper for your PC! SWEET HOSTAGE was arguably her best acting performance as she plays a backwoods teen abducted by a mental patient with delusions of grandeur. The film was based on a novel called WELCOME TO XANADU by Nathaniel Benchley. Benchley was the son of the great actor, author and all-around dry wit, Robert Benchley. Nathaniel's own son, Peter Benchley, would take the family tradition down a few notches with less literary--but even more popular--novels such as JAWS! If you haven't noticed the recently added (unpaid) permanent photo-link to Linda's World Heart Foundation on the lower right, please check it out.

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