Monday, June 29, 2009

Random Panels of Comic Book Weirdness # 58

From one of the 1983 TEEN TITANS drug awareness public service comics, here's a ridiculous panel by veteran artists Ross Andru and Joe Giella who should have both known better! The character, not that you can tell it, is THE PROTECTOR, the blue-suited Robin clone who appears only in these three specials and is prone to making long-winded speeches espousing the anti-drug rhetoric of the moment (as these specially distributed comics were endorsed by Nancy Reagan). Don't get me wrong. He presents a lot of valid information in his rants. It's just that I'd be willing to bet that these were presented to the writers and told to insert "as is" into the storylines. Still, you'd think two talented artists could come up with some layout that didn't require this panel--the middle panel of three very wordy panels by the way--to not only be overwhelmed with dialogue but also to just plain give UP on attempting to even draw the character above his always open mouth! This looks more like what the kids might see on a bad trip!

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